Troubleshoot Telemetry

Troubleshoot Telemetry

Logging in Telemetry

The Telemetry service has similar log settings as the other OpenStack services. Multiple options are available to change the target of logging, the format of the log entries and the log levels.

The log settings can be changed in ceilometer.conf. The list of configuration options are listed in the logging configuration options table in the Telemetry section in the OpenStack Configuration Reference.

By default stderr is used as standard output for the log messages. It can be changed to either a log file or syslog. The debug and verbose options are also set to false in the default settings, the default log levels of the corresponding modules can be found in the table referred above.

Notification agent

In the Icehouse release of OpenStack a new service was introduced to be responsible for consuming notifications that are coming from other OpenStack services.

If the ceilometer-agent-notification service is not installed and started, samples originating from notifications will not be generated. In case of the lack of notification based samples, the state of this service and the log file of Telemetry should be checked first.

For the list of meters that are originated from notifications, see the Telemetry Measurements Reference.

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