IBM Storage volume driver

IBM Storage volume driver

The IBM Storage Driver for OpenStack is a Block Storage driver that supports IBM XIV, IBM Spectrum Accelerate, IBM FlashSystem A9000, IBM FlashSystem A9000R and IBM DS8000 storage systems over Fiber channel and iSCSI.

Set the following in your cinder.conf file, and use the following options to configure it.

volume_driver =
Description of IBM Storage driver configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
proxy = storage.proxy.IBMStorageProxy (String) Proxy driver that connects to the IBM Storage Array
san_clustername = (String) Cluster name to use for creating volumes
san_ip = (String) IP address of SAN controller
san_login = admin (String) Username for SAN controller
san_password = (String) Password for SAN controller


To use the IBM Storage Driver for OpenStack you must download and install the package. For more information, see IBM Support Portal - Select Fixes.

For full documentation, see IBM Knowledge Center.

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