Overview of zaqar.conf

Overview of zaqar.conf

The zaqar.conf configuration file is an INI file format as explained in Configuration file format.

This file is located in /etc/zaqar. If there is a file zaqar.conf in ~/.zaqar directory, it is used instead of the one in /etc/zaqar directory. When you manually install the Message service, you must generate the zaqar.conf file using the config samples generator located inside Zaqar installation directory and customize it according to your preferences.

To generate the sample configuration file zaqar/etc/zaqar.conf.sample:

# pip install tox
$ cd zaqar
$ tox -e genconfig

Where zaqar is your Message service installation directory.

Then copy Message service configuration sample to the directory /etc/zaqar:

# cp etc/zaqar.conf.sample /etc/zaqar/zaqar.conf

For a list of configuration options, see the tables in this guide.


Do not specify quotes around configuration options.


Configuration options are grouped by section. Message service configuration file supports the following sections:

Contains most configuration options. If the documentation for a configuration option does not specify its section, assume that it appears in this section.
Configures caching.
Select drivers.
Configures general transport options.
Configures the WSGI transport driver.
Configures the Websocket transport driver.
Configures general storage options.
Configures the MongoDB management storage driver.
Configures the MongoDB message storage driver.
Configures the Redis management storage driver.
Configures the Redis message storage driver.
Configures the SQLalchemy management storage driver.
Configures the Identity service endpoint.
Configures the RBAC policy.
Configures the pooling catalog.
Configures signed URLs.
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