Install and configure compute node

Install and configure compute node

The compute node handles connectivity and security groups for instances.

Install the components

# apt-get install neutron-linuxbridge-agent

Respond to prompts for
:doc:`database management <debconf/debconf-dbconfig-common>`
(leave it not-configured, as compute nodes do not need database access),
:doc:`Identity service credentials <debconf/debconf-keystone-authtoken>`,
:doc:`service endpoint registration <debconf/debconf-api-endpoints>`,
and :doc:`message broker credentials <debconf/debconf-rabbitmq>`.

Configure the common component

The Networking common component configuration includes the authentication mechanism, message queue, and plug-in.


Default configuration files vary by distribution. You might need to add these sections and options rather than modifying existing sections and options. Also, an ellipsis (...) in the configuration snippets indicates potential default configuration options that you should retain.

  • Edit the /etc/neutron/neutron.conf file and complete the following actions:
    • In the [database] section, comment out any connection options because compute nodes do not directly access the database.

Configure networking options

Choose the same networking option that you chose for the controller node to configure services specific to it. Afterwards, return here and proceed to Finalize installation.

Finalize installation

  1. Restart the Linux bridge agent:

    # service neutron-linuxbridge-agent restart
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