Image service

Image service

The Image service (glance) enables users to discover, register, and retrieve virtual machine images. It offers a REST API that enables you to query virtual machine image metadata and retrieve an actual image. You can store virtual machine images made available through the Image service in a variety of locations, from simple file systems to object-storage systems like OpenStack Object Storage.


For simplicity, this guide describes configuring the Image service to use the file back end, which uploads and stores in a directory on the controller node hosting the Image service. By default, this directory is /var/lib/glance/images/.

Before you proceed, ensure that the controller node has at least several gigabytes of space available in this directory. Keep in mind that since the file back end is often local to a controller node, it is not typically suitable for a multi-node glance deployment.

For information on requirements for other back ends, see Configuration Reference.

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