The nova.api.openstack.compute.agents Module

class AgentController(view_builder=None)

Bases: nova.api.openstack.wsgi.Controller

The agent is talking about guest agent.The host can use this for things like accessing files on the disk, configuring networking, or running other applications/scripts in the guest while it is running. Typically this uses some hypervisor-specific transport to avoid being dependent on a working network configuration. Xen, VMware, and VirtualBox have guest agents,although the Xen driver is the only one with an implementation for managing them in openstack. KVM doesn’t really have a concept of a guest agent (although one could be written).

You can find the design of agent update in this link: and find the code in nova.virt.xenapi.vmops.VMOps._boot_new_instance. In this design We need update agent in guest from host, so we need some interfaces to update the agent info in host.

You can find more information about the design of the GuestAgent in the following link:

create(*args, **kwargs)

Creates a new agent build.

delete(*args, **kwargs)

Deletes an existing agent build.

index(*args, **kwargs)

Return a list of all agent builds. Filter by hypervisor.

update(*args, **kwargs)

Update an existing agent build.

wsgi_actions = {}
wsgi_extensions = []
class Agents(extension_info)

Bases: nova.api.openstack.extensions.V21APIExtensionBase

Agents support.

alias = 'os-agents'

It’s an abstract function V21APIExtensionBase and the extension will not be loaded without it.

name = 'Agents'
version = 1

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