The nova.api.openstack.api_version_request Module

class APIVersionRequest(version_string=None)

Bases: object

This class represents an API Version Request with convenience methods for manipulation and comparison of version numbers that we need to do to implement microversions.


Converts object to string representation which if used to create an APIVersionRequest object results in the same version request.

matches(min_version, max_version)

Returns whether the version object represents a version greater than or equal to the minimum version and less than or equal to the maximum version.

@param min_version: Minimum acceptable version. @param max_version: Maximum acceptable version. @returns: boolean

If min_version is null then there is no minimum limit. If max_version is null then there is no maximum limit. If self is null then raise ValueError

is_supported(req, min_version='2.1', max_version='2.25')

Check if API request version satisfies version restrictions.

  • req – request object
  • min_version – minimal version of API needed for correct request processing
  • max_version – maximum version of API needed for correct request processing
:returns True if request satisfies minimal and maximum API version
requirements. False in other case.

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