The nova.api.openstack.compute.instance_actions Module

class InstanceActions(extension_info)

Bases: nova.api.openstack.extensions.V21APIExtensionBase

View a log of actions and events taken on an instance.

alias = 'os-instance-actions'

It’s an abstract function V21APIExtensionBase and the extension will not be loaded without it.

name = 'InstanceActions'
version = 1
class InstanceActionsController

Bases: nova.api.openstack.wsgi.Controller

index(*args, **kwargs)

Returns the list of actions recorded for a given instance.

show(*args, **kwargs)

Return data about the given instance action.

versioned_methods = {'_get_instance': [<nova.api.openstack.versioned_method.VersionedMethod object at 0x7f32cc7ee250>, <nova.api.openstack.versioned_method.VersionedMethod object at 0x7f32cc7ee950>]}
wsgi_actions = {}
wsgi_extensions = []

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