The nova.api.openstack.compute.legacy_v2.contrib.attach_interfaces Module

The instance interfaces extension.

class Attach_interfaces(ext_mgr)

Bases: nova.api.openstack.extensions.ExtensionDescriptor

Attach interface support.

alias = 'os-attach-interfaces'
name = 'AttachInterfaces'
namespace = ''
updated = '2012-07-22T00:00:00Z'
class InterfaceAttachmentController

Bases: object

The interface attachment API controller for the OpenStack API.

create(req, server_id, body)

Attach an interface to an instance.

delete(req, server_id, id)

Detach an interface from an instance.

index(req, server_id)

Returns the list of interface attachments for a given instance.

show(req, server_id, id)

Return data about the given interface attachment.

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