The nova.api.openstack.compute.legacy_v2.contrib.flavorextradata Module

The Flavor extra data extension

OpenStack API version 1.1 lists “name”, “ram”, “disk”, “vcpus” as flavor attributes. This extension adds to that list:

  • OS-FLV-EXT-DATA:ephemeral
class Flavorextradata(ext_mgr)

Bases: nova.api.openstack.extensions.ExtensionDescriptor

Provide additional data for flavors.

alias = 'OS-FLV-EXT-DATA'
name = 'FlavorExtraData'
namespace = ''
updated = '2011-09-14T00:00:00Z'
class FlavorextradataController(view_builder=None)

Bases: nova.api.openstack.wsgi.Controller

create(req, resp_obj, body)
detail(req, resp_obj)
show(req, resp_obj, id)
wsgi_actions = {}
wsgi_extensions = [('detail', None), ('create', 'create'), ('show', None)]

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