The nova.cert.manager Module

Cert manager manages x509 certificates.

Related Flags

cert_topic:What rpc topic to listen to (default: cert).
cert_manager:The module name of a class derived from manager.Manager (default: nova.cert.manager.Manager).
class CertManager(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: nova.manager.Manager

decrypt_text(context, project_id, text)

Decrypt base64 encoded text using the projects private key.

fetch_ca(context, project_id)

Get root ca for a project.

fetch_crl(context, project_id)

Get crl for a project.

generate_x509_cert(context, user_id, project_id)

Generate and sign a cert for user in project.

revoke_certs_by_project(context, project_id)

Revoke all project certs.

revoke_certs_by_user(context, user_id)

Revoke all user certs.

revoke_certs_by_user_and_project(context, user_id, project_id)

Revoke certs for user in project.

target = <Target version=2.0>

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