The nova.compute.flavors Module

Built-in instance properties.

create(name, memory, vcpus, root_gb, ephemeral_gb=0, flavorid=None, swap=0, rxtx_factor=1.0, is_public=True)

Creates flavors.

delete_flavor_info(metadata, *prefixes)

Delete flavor instance_type information from instance’s system_metadata by prefix.


Marks flavor as deleted.

extract_flavor(instance, prefix='')

Create a Flavor object from instance’s system_metadata information.

get_all_flavors_sorted_list(ctxt=None, filters=None, sort_key='flavorid', sort_dir='asc', limit=None, marker=None)

Get all non-deleted flavors as a sorted list.


Get the default flavor.

get_flavor_access_by_flavor_id(flavorid, ctxt=None)

Retrieve flavor access list by flavor id.

get_flavor_by_flavor_id(flavorid, ctxt=None, read_deleted='yes')

Retrieve flavor by flavorid.

get_flavor_by_name(name, ctxt=None)

Retrieves single flavor by name.

save_flavor_info(metadata, instance_type, prefix='')

Save properties from instance_type into instance’s system_metadata, in the format of:


This can be used to update system_metadata in place from a type, as well as stash information about another instance_type for later use (such as during resize).


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