The nova.conductor.manager Module

Handles database requests from other nova services.

class ComputeTaskManager

Bases: nova.db.base.Base

Namespace for compute methods.

This class presents an rpc API for nova-conductor under the ‘compute_task’ namespace. The methods here are compute operations that are invoked by the API service. These methods see the operation to completion, which may involve coordinating activities on multiple compute nodes.

build_instances(context, instances, image, filter_properties, admin_password, injected_files, requested_networks, security_groups, block_device_mapping=None, legacy_bdm=True)
migrate_server(*args, **kwargs)
rebuild_instance(context, instance, orig_image_ref, image_ref, injected_files, new_pass, orig_sys_metadata, bdms, recreate, on_shared_storage, preserve_ephemeral=False, host=None, request_spec=None)
target = <Target namespace=compute_task, version=1.14>
unshelve_instance(context, instance, request_spec=None)
class ConductorManager(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: nova.manager.Manager

Mission: Conduct things.

The methods in the base API for nova-conductor are various proxy operations performed on behalf of the nova-compute service running on compute nodes. Compute nodes are not allowed to directly access the database, so this set of methods allows them to get specific work done without locally accessing the database.

The nova-conductor service also exposes an API in the ‘compute_task’ namespace. See the ComputeTaskManager class for details.

object_action(context, objinst, objmethod, args, kwargs)

Perform an action on an object.

object_backport_versions(context, objinst, object_versions)
object_class_action_versions(context, objname, objmethod, object_versions, args, kwargs)
target = <Target version=3.0>

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