The nova.db.migration Module

Database setup and migration commands.


The starting version for the database.


Utility for scanning the database to look for NULL instance uuid rows.

Scans the backing nova database to look for table entries where instances.uuid or instance_uuid columns are NULL (except for the fixed_ips table since that can contain NULL instance_uuid entries by design). Dumps the tables that have NULL instance_uuid entries or optionally deletes them based on usage.

This tool is meant to be used in conjunction with the 267 database migration script to detect and optionally cleanup NULL instance_uuid records.

Parameters:delete – If true, delete NULL instance_uuid records found, else just query to see if they exist for reporting.
Returns:dict of table name to number of hits for NULL instance_uuid rows.
db_sync(version=None, database='main')

Migrate the database to version or the most recent version.


Display the current database version.

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