The nova.db.sqlalchemy.utils Module

class DeleteFromSelect(table, select, column)

Bases: sqlalchemy.sql.dml.UpdateBase

check_shadow_table(migrate_engine, table_name)

This method checks that table with table_name and corresponding shadow table have same columns.

create_shadow_table(migrate_engine, table_name=None, table=None, **col_name_col_instance)

This method create shadow table for table with name table_name or table instance table. :param table_name: Autoload table with this name and create shadow table :param table: Autoloaded table, so just create corresponding shadow table. :param col_name_col_instance: contains pair column_name=column_instance. column_instance is instance of Column. These params are required only for columns that have unsupported types by sqlite. For example BigInteger. :returns: The created shadow_table object.

visit_delete_from_select(element, compiler, **kw)

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