The nova.image.s3 Module

Proxy AMI-related calls from cloud controller to objectstore service.

class S3ImageService(service=None, *args, **kwargs)

Bases: object

Wraps an existing image service to support s3 based register.

create(context, metadata, data=None)

Create an image.

metadata[‘properties’] should contain image_location.

delete(context, image_id)
detail(context, **kwargs)
image_state_map = {'failed_decrypt': 'failed', 'uploading': 'pending', 'failed_untar': 'failed', 'decrypting': 'pending', 'downloading': 'pending', 'failed_upload': 'failed', 'untarring': 'pending', 'failed_download': 'failed', 'available': 'available'}
show(context, image_id)
update(context, image_id, metadata, data=None)

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