The nova.keymgr.key Module

Base Key and SymmetricKey Classes

This module defines the Key and SymmetricKey classes. The Key class is the base class to represent all encryption keys. The basis for this class was copied from Java.

class Key

Bases: object

Base class to represent all keys.


Returns the key’s algorithm.

Returns the key’s algorithm. For example, “DSA” indicates that this key is a DSA key and “AES” indicates that this key is an AES key.


Returns the key in the format specified by its encoding.


Returns the encoding format.

Returns the key’s encoding format or None if this key is not encoded.

class SymmetricKey(alg, key)

Bases: nova.keymgr.key.Key

This class represents symmetric keys.


Returns the algorithm for symmetric encryption.


Returns the key in its encoded format.


This method returns ‘RAW’.

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