The Module

class FloatingIP

Bases: object

Mixin class for adding floating IP functionality to a manager.

add_dns_entry(context, address, name, dns_type, domain)
allocate_floating_ip(context, project_id, auto_assigned=False, pool=None)

Gets a floating IP from the pool.

allocate_for_instance(context, **kwargs)

Handles allocating the floating IP resources for an instance.

calls super class allocate_for_instance() as well

rpc.called by network_api

associate_floating_ip(*args, **kwargs)
create_private_dns_domain(context, domain, av_zone)
create_public_dns_domain(context, domain, project)
deallocate_floating_ip(*args, **kwargs)
deallocate_for_instance(context, **kwargs)

Handles deallocating floating IP resources for an instance.

calls super class deallocate_for_instance() as well.

rpc.called by network_api

delete_dns_domain(context, domain)
delete_dns_entry(context, name, domain)
disassociate_floating_ip(*args, **kwargs)
get_dns_entries_by_address(context, address, domain)
get_dns_entries_by_name(context, name, domain)
get_floating_ip(*args, **kwargs)
get_floating_ip_by_address(context, address)

Returns a floating IP as a dict.


Returns list of floating ip pools.

get_floating_ips_by_fixed_address(context, fixed_address)

Returns the floating IPs associated with a fixed_address.


Returns the floating IPs allocated to a project.


Returns list of floating pools.


Configures floating IPs owned by host.

migrate_instance_finish(context, instance_uuid, floating_addresses, host=None, rxtx_factor=None, project_id=None, source=None, dest=None)
migrate_instance_start(context, instance_uuid, floating_addresses, rxtx_factor=None, project_id=None, source=None, dest=None)
modify_dns_entry(context, address, name, domain)
servicegroup_api = None
class LocalManager

Bases: nova.db.base.Base,

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