The nova.notifications Module

Functionality related to notifications common to multiple layers of the system.


Get the start and end of the relevant audit usage period

Parameters:current_period – if True, this will generate a usage for the current usage period; if False, this will generate a usage for the previous audit period.
bandwidth_usage(instance_ref, audit_start, ignore_missing_network_data=True)

Get bandwidth usage information for the instance for the specified audit period.


Format image metadata for use in notifications from the instance system metadata.

info_from_instance(context, instance, network_info, system_metadata, **kw)

Get detailed instance information for an instance which is common to all notifications.

:param:instance: nova.objects.Instance :param:network_info: network_info provided if not None :param:system_metadata: system_metadata DB entries for the instance, if not None


Currently unused here in trunk, but needed for potential custom modifications.

notify_decorator(name, fn)

Decorator for notify which is used from utils.monkey_patch().

  • name – name of the function
  • fn
    • object of the function

fn – decorated function

send_api_fault(url, status, exception)

Send an api.fault notification.

send_update(context, old_instance, new_instance, service='compute', host=None)

Send compute.instance.update notification to report any changes occurred in that instance

send_update_with_states(context, instance, old_vm_state, new_vm_state, old_task_state, new_task_state, service='compute', host=None, verify_states=False)

Send compute.instance.update notification to report changes if there are any, in the instance

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