The nova.pci.devspec Module

class PciAddress(pci_addr, is_physical_function)

Bases: object

Manages the address fields of the whitelist.

This class checks the address fields of the pci_passthrough_whitelist configuration option, validating the address fields. Example config are:

pci_passthrough_whitelist = {“address”:”:0a:00.”,
pci_passthrough_whitelist = {“vendor_id”:”1137”,”product_id”:”0071”}

This function class will validate the address fields, check for wildcards, and insert wildcards where the field is left blank.

match(pci_addr, pci_phys_addr)
class PciDeviceSpec(dev_spec)

Bases: object

get_pci_dev_info(pci_obj, property, max, hex_value)

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