The nova.pci.request Module

Example of a PCI alias:

| pci_alias = '{
|   "name": "QuicAssist",
|   "product_id": "0443",
|   "vendor_id": "8086",
|   "device_type": "type-PCI",
|   }'

Aliases with the same name and the same device_type are OR operation:

| pci_alias = '{
|   "name": "QuicAssist",
|   "product_id": "0442",
|   "vendor_id": "8086",
|   "device_type": "type-PCI",
|   }'

These 2 aliases define a device request meaning: vendor_id is “8086” and product id is “0442” or “0443”.


Get flavor’s pci request.

The pci_passthrough:alias scope in flavor extra_specs describes the flavor’s pci requests, the key is ‘pci_passthrough:alias’ and the value has format ‘alias_name_x:count, alias_name_y:count, ... ‘. The alias_name is defined in ‘pci_alias’ configurations.

The flavor’s requirement is translated into pci requests list, each entry in the list is a dictionary. The dictionary has three keys. The ‘specs’ gives the pci device properties requirement, the ‘count’ gives the number of devices, and the optional ‘alias_name’ is the corresponding alias definition name.

Example: Assume alias configuration is:

|   {'vendor_id':'8086',
|    'device_id':'1502',
|    'name':'alias_1'}

The flavor extra specs includes: ‘pci_passthrough:alias’: ‘alias_1:2’.

The returned pci_requests are:

| pci_requests = [{'count':2,
|                'specs': [{'vendor_id':'8086',
|                           'device_id':'1502'}],
|                'alias_name': 'alias_1'}]
Parameters:flavor – the flavor to be checked
Returns:a list of pci requests

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