The nova.scheduler.filters.json_filter Module

class JsonFilter

Bases: nova.scheduler.filters.BaseHostFilter

Host Filter to allow simple JSON-based grammar for selecting hosts.

commands = {'>=': <function _greater_than_equal at 0x7f32bf96df50>, 'or': <function _or at 0x7f32bf9110c8>, 'not': <function _not at 0x7f32bf911050>, '>': <function _greater_than at 0x7f32bf96dde8>, 'in': <function _in at 0x7f32bf96de60>, '<': <function _less_than at 0x7f32bf96dd70>, '=': <function _equals at 0x7f32bf96dcf8>, '<=': <function _less_than_equal at 0x7f32bf96ded8>, 'and': <function _and at 0x7f32bf911140>}
host_passes(host_state, spec_obj)

Return a list of hosts that can fulfill the requirements specified in the query.

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