The nova.scheduler.filters.pci_passthrough_filter Module

class PciPassthroughFilter

Bases: nova.scheduler.filters.BaseHostFilter

Pci Passthrough Filter based on PCI request

Filter that schedules instances on a host if the host has devices to meet the device requests in the ‘extra_specs’ for the flavor.

PCI resource tracker provides updated summary information about the PCI devices for each host, like:

| [{"count": 5, "vendor_id": "8086", "product_id": "1520",
|   "extra_info":'{}'}],

and VM requests PCI devices via PCI requests, like:

| [{"count": 1, "vendor_id": "8086", "product_id": "1520",}].

The filter checks if the host passes or not based on this information.

host_passes(host_state, spec_obj)

Return true if the host has the required PCI devices.

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