The nova.virt.event Module

Asynchronous event notifications from virtualization drivers.

This module defines a set of classes representing data for various asynchronous events that can occur in a virtualization driver.

class Event(timestamp=None)

Bases: object

Base class for all events emitted by a hypervisor.

All events emitted by a virtualization driver are subclasses of this base object. The only generic information recorded in the base class is a timestamp indicating when the event first occurred. The timestamp is recorded as fractional seconds since the UNIX epoch.

class InstanceEvent(uuid, timestamp=None)

Bases: nova.virt.event.Event

Base class for all instance events.

All events emitted by a virtualization driver which are associated with a virtual domain instance are subclasses of this base object. This object records the UUID associated with the instance.

class LifecycleEvent(uuid, transition, timestamp=None)

Bases: nova.virt.event.InstanceEvent

Class for instance lifecycle state change events.

When a virtual domain instance lifecycle state changes, events of this class are emitted. The EVENT_LIFECYCLE_XX constants defined why lifecycle change occurred. This event allows detection of an instance starting/stopping without need for polling.


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