The nova.virt.ironic.ironic_states Module

Mapping of bare metal node states.

Setting the node power_state is handled by the conductor’s power synchronization thread. Based on the power state retrieved from the driver for the node, the state is set to POWER_ON or POWER_OFF, accordingly. Should this fail, the power_state value is left unchanged, and the node is placed into maintenance mode.

The power_state can also be set manually via the API. A failure to change the state leaves the current state unchanged. The node is NOT placed into maintenance mode in this case.

ACTIVE = 'active'

Node is successfully deployed and associated with an instance.

AVAILABLE = 'available'

Node is available for use and scheduling.

This state is replacing the NOSTATE state used prior to Kilo.

CLEANFAIL = 'clean failed'

Node failed cleaning. This requires operator intervention to resolve.

CLEANING = 'cleaning'

Node is being automatically cleaned to prepare it for provisioning.

CLEANWAIT = 'clean wait'

Node is waiting for a clean step to be finished.

This will be the node’s provision_state while the node is waiting for the driver to finish a cleaning step.

DELETED = 'deleted'

Node tear down was successful.

In Juno, target_provision_state was set to this value during node tear down. In Kilo, this will be a transitory value of provision_state, and never represented in target_provision_state.

DELETING = 'deleting'

Node is actively being torn down.

DEPLOYDONE = 'deploy complete'

Node was successfully deployed.

This is mainly a target provision state used during deployment. A successfully deployed node should go to ACTIVE status.

DEPLOYFAIL = 'deploy failed'

Node deployment failed.

DEPLOYING = 'deploying'

Node is ready to receive a deploy request, or is currently being deployed.

A node will have its provision_state set to DEPLOYING briefly before it receives its initial deploy request. It will also move to this state from DEPLOYWAIT after the callback is triggered and deployment is continued (disk partitioning and image copying).

DEPLOYWAIT = 'wait call-back'

Node is waiting to be deployed.

This will be the node provision_state while the node is waiting for the driver to finish deployment.

ERROR = 'error'

An error occurred during node processing.

The last_error attribute of the node details should contain an error message.

INSPECTFAIL = 'inspect failed'

Node inspection failed.

INSPECTING = 'inspecting'

Node is under inspection. This is the provision state used when inspection is started. A successfully inspected node shall transition to MANAGEABLE status.

MANAGEABLE = 'manageable'

Node is in a manageable state. This state indicates that Ironic has verified, at least once, that it had sufficient information to manage the hardware. While in this state, the node is not available for provisioning (it must be in the AVAILABLE state for that).


No state information.

This state is used with power_state to represent a lack of knowledge of power state, and in target_*_state fields when there is no target.

Prior to the Kilo release, Ironic set node.provision_state to NOSTATE when the node was available for provisioning. During Kilo cycle, this was changed to the AVAILABLE state.

POWER_OFF = 'power off'

Node is powered off.

POWER_ON = 'power on'

Node is powered on.

PROVISION_STATE_LIST = (None, 'manageable', 'available', 'active', 'wait call-back', 'deploying', 'deploy failed', 'deploy complete', 'deleting', 'deleted', 'cleaning', 'clean wait', 'clean failed', 'error', 'rebuild', 'inspecting', 'inspect failed')

A list of all provision states.

REBOOT = 'rebooting'

Node is rebooting.

REBUILD = 'rebuild'

Node is to be rebuilt. This is not used as a state, but rather as a “verb” when changing the node’s provision_state via the REST API.

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