The Module

class RADOSClient(driver, pool=None)

Bases: object

Context manager to simplify error handling for connecting to ceph.

class RBDDriver(pool, ceph_conf, rbd_user)

Bases: object


List of command line parameters to be passed to ceph commands to reflect RBDDriver configuration such as RBD user name and location of ceph.conf.

clone(image_location, dest_name, dest_pool=None)
create_snap(volume, name, pool=None, protect=False)

Create a snapshot of an RBD volume.

Volume:Name of RBD object
Name:Name of snapshot
Pool:Name of pool
Protect:Set the snapshot to “protected”
destroy_volume(volume, pool=None)

A one-shot version of cleanup_volumes()

exists(name, pool=None, snapshot=None)
flatten(volume, pool=None)

“Flattens” a snapshotted image with the parents’ data, effectively detaching it from the parent.

Volume:Name of RBD object
Pool:Name of pool
import_image(base, name)

Import RBD volume from image file.

Uses the command line import instead of librbd since rbd import command detects zeroes to preserve sparseness in the image.

Base:Path to image file
Name:Name of RBD volume
is_cloneable(image_location, image_meta)
parent_info(volume, pool=None)

Returns the pool, image and snapshot name for the parent of an RBD volume.

Volume:Name of RBD object
Pool:Name of pool

Remove RBD volume

Name:Name of RBD volume
remove_snap(volume, name, ignore_errors=False, pool=None, force=False)

Removes a snapshot from an RBD volume.

Volume:Name of RBD object
Name:Name of snapshot
Ignore_errors:whether or not to log warnings on failures
Pool:Name of pool
Force:Remove snapshot even if it is protected
resize(name, size)

Resize RBD volume.

Name:Name of RBD object
Size:New size in bytes
rollback_to_snap(volume, name)

Revert an RBD volume to its contents at a snapshot.

Volume:Name of RBD object
Name:Name of snapshot
class RBDVolumeProxy(driver, name, pool=None, snapshot=None, read_only=False)

Bases: object

Context manager for dealing with an existing rbd volume.

This handles connecting to rados and opening an ioctx automatically, and otherwise acts like a librbd Image object.

The underlying librados client and ioctx can be accessed as the attributes ‘client’ and ‘ioctx’.

class RbdProxy

Bases: object

A wrapper around rbd.RBD class instance to avoid blocking of process.

Offloads all calls to rbd.RBD class methods to native OS threads, so that we do not block the whole process while executing the librbd code.

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