The nova.virt.vmwareapi.driver Module

A connection to the VMware vCenter platform.

class VMwareAPISession(host_ip=None, host_port=443, username=None, password=None, retry_count=10, scheme='https', cacert=None, insecure=False)

Bases: oslo_vmware.api.VMwareAPISession

Sets up a session with the VC/ESX host and handles all the calls made to the host.

class VMwareVCDriver(virtapi, scheme='https')

Bases: nova.virt.driver.ComputeDriver

The VC host connection object.

LEGACY_NODENAME = <_sre.SRE_Pattern object at 0x7f32cf4df978>
attach_interface(instance, image_meta, vif)

Attach an interface to the instance.

attach_volume(context, connection_info, instance, mountpoint, disk_bus=None, device_type=None, encryption=None)

Attach volume storage to VM instance.

capabilities = {'supports_recreate': False, 'has_imagecache': True, 'supports_migrate_to_same_host': True}
cleanup(context, instance, network_info, block_device_info=None, destroy_disks=True, migrate_data=None, destroy_vifs=True)

Cleanup after instance being destroyed by Hypervisor.

confirm_migration(migration, instance, network_info)

Confirms a resize, destroying the source VM.

destroy(context, instance, network_info, block_device_info=None, destroy_disks=True, migrate_data=None)

Destroy VM instance.

detach_interface(instance, vif)

Detach an interface from the instance.

detach_volume(connection_info, instance, mountpoint, encryption=None)

Detach volume storage to VM instance.

finish_migration(context, migration, instance, disk_info, network_info, image_meta, resize_instance, block_device_info=None, power_on=True)

Completes a resize, turning on the migrated instance.

finish_revert_migration(context, instance, network_info, block_device_info=None, power_on=True)

Finish reverting a resize, powering back on the instance.


Returns nodenames of all nodes managed by the compute service.

This driver supports only one compute node.


Retrieve resource info.

This method is called when nova-compute launches, and as part of a periodic task.

Returns:dictionary describing resources

Return data about VM diagnostics.


Returns the IP address of the vCenter host.


Host uptime operation not supported by VC driver.


Return info about the VM instance.


Return data about VM diagnostics.

get_instance_disk_info(instance, block_device_info=None)
get_mks_console(context, instance)
get_vnc_console(context, instance)

Return link to instance’s VNC console using vCenter logic.


Return volume connector information.

host_maintenance_mode(host, mode)

Host operations not supported by VC driver.

This needs to override the ESX driver implementation.


Host operations not supported by VC driver.

This needs to override the ESX driver implementation.

inject_network_info(instance, nw_info)

inject network info for specified instance.


Efficient override of base instance_exists method.


List VM instance UUIDs.


List VM instances from the single compute node.

manage_image_cache(context, all_instances)

Manage the local cache of images.

migrate_disk_and_power_off(context, instance, dest, flavor, network_info, block_device_info=None, timeout=0, retry_interval=0)

Transfers the disk of a running instance in multiple phases, turning off the instance before the end.


Pause VM instance.

poll_rebooting_instances(timeout, instances)

Poll for rebooting instances.

power_off(instance, timeout=0, retry_interval=0)

Power off the specified instance.

power_on(context, instance, network_info, block_device_info=None)

Power on the specified instance.

reboot(context, instance, network_info, reboot_type, block_device_info=None, bad_volumes_callback=None)

Reboot VM instance.

rescue(context, instance, network_info, image_meta, rescue_password)

Rescue the specified instance.

resume(context, instance, network_info, block_device_info=None)

Resume the suspended VM instance.

resume_state_on_host_boot(context, instance, network_info, block_device_info=None)

resume guest state when a host is booted.


Host operations not supported by VC driver.

This needs to override the ESX driver implementation.

snapshot(context, instance, image_id, update_task_state)

Create snapshot from a running VM instance.

spawn(context, instance, image_meta, injected_files, admin_password, network_info=None, block_device_info=None)

Create VM instance.

suspend(context, instance)

Suspend the specified instance.


Unpause paused VM instance.

unrescue(instance, network_info)

Unrescue the specified instance.

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