The nova.virt.vmwareapi.volumeops Module

Management class for Storage-related functions (attach, detach, etc).

class VMwareVolumeOps(session, cluster=None)

Bases: object

Management class for Volume-related tasks.

attach_disk_to_vm(vm_ref, instance, adapter_type, disk_type, vmdk_path=None, disk_size=None, linked_clone=False, device_name=None, disk_io_limits=None)

Attach disk to VM by reconfiguration.

attach_root_volume(connection_info, instance, datastore, adapter_type=None)

Attach a root volume to the VM instance.

attach_volume(connection_info, instance, adapter_type=None)

Attach volume storage to VM instance.

detach_disk_from_vm(vm_ref, instance, device, destroy_disk=False)

Detach disk from VM by reconfiguration.

detach_volume(connection_info, instance)

Detach volume storage to VM instance.


Return volume connector information.

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