The nova.virt.xenapi.client.session Module

class XenAPISession(url, user, pw)

Bases: object

The session to invoke XenAPI SDK calls.

call_plugin(plugin, fn, args)

Call host.call_plugin on a background thread.

call_plugin_serialized(plugin, fn, *args, **kwargs)
call_plugin_serialized_with_retry(plugin, fn, num_retries, callback, retry_cb=None, *args, **kwargs)

Allows a plugin to raise RetryableError so we can try again.

call_xenapi(method, *args)

Call the specified XenAPI method on a background thread.


Retrieve all refs and recs for a Xen record type.

Handles race-conditions where the record may be deleted between the get_all call and the get_record call.

get_rec(record_type, ref)

Return a string session_id. Used for vnc consoles.


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