The Module

Management class for host-related functions (start, reboot, etc).

class Host(session, virtapi)

Bases: object

Implements host related operations.


Returns the result of calling “uptime” on the target host.

host_maintenance_mode(host, mode)

Start/Stop host maintenance window. On start, it triggers guest VMs evacuation.


Reboots or shuts down the host.


Sets the compute host’s ability to accept new instances.

class HostState(session)

Bases: object

Manages information about the XenServer host this compute node is running on.


Return the current state of the host. If ‘refresh’ is True, run the update first.


Since under Xenserver, a compute node runs on a given host, we can get host status information using xenapi.

call_xenhost(session, method, arg_dict)

There will be several methods that will need this general handling for interacting with the xenhost plugin, so this abstracts out that behavior.


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