The nova.virt.xenapi.volume_utils Module

Helper methods for operations related to the management of volumes, and storage repositories

find_sr_by_uuid(session, sr_uuid)

Return the storage repository given a uuid.

find_sr_from_vbd(session, vbd_ref)

Find the SR reference from the VBD reference.

find_sr_from_vdi(session, vdi_ref)

Find the SR reference from the VDI reference.

find_vbd_by_number(session, vm_ref, dev_number)

Get the VBD reference from the device number.

forget_sr(session, sr_ref)

Forgets the storage repository without destroying the VDIs within.

introduce_sr(session, sr_uuid, label, params)
introduce_vdi(session, sr_ref, vdi_uuid=None, target_lun=None)

Introduce VDI in the host.

is_booted_from_volume(session, vm_ref)

Determine if the root device is a volume.

parse_sr_info(connection_data, description='')
purge_sr(session, sr_ref)

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