Technical Reference Deep Dives

The nova project is large, and there are lots of complicated parts in it where it helps to have an overview to understand how the internals of a particular part work.


The following is a dive into some of the internals in nova.


Need something about versioned objects and how they fit in with conductor as an object backporter during upgrades.


  • Guru Meditation Reports: Inspired by Amiga, a way to trigger a very comprehensive dump of a running service for deep debugging.

Forward Looking Plans

The following section includes documents that describe the overall plan behind groups of nova-specs. Most of these cover items relating to the evolution of various parts of nova’s architecture. Once the work is complete, these documents will move into the “Internals” section.

If you want to get involved in shaping the future of nova’s architecture, these are a great place to start reading up on the current plans.

Additional Information

  • Glossary: A quick reference guide to some of the terms you might encounter working on or using nova.