Command-line Utilities

Command-line Utilities

In this section you will find information on Nova’s command line utilities.

Nova Management Commands

These commands are used to manage existing installations. They are designed to be run by operators in an environment where they have direct access to the nova database.

Service Daemons

The service daemons make up a functioning nova environment. All of these are expected to be started by an init system, expect to read a nova.conf file, and daemonize correctly after starting up.

WSGI Services

Starting in the Pike release, the preferred way to deploy the nova api is in a wsgi container (uwsgi or apache/mod_wsgi). These are the wsgi entry points to do that.

Additional Tools

There are a few additional cli tools which nova services call when appropriate. This should not need to be called directly by operators, but they are documented for completeness and debugging if something goes wrong.

Deprecated Services

The following services are deprecated in nova. They should not be used in new deployments, but are documented for existing ones.

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