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nova-status <category> <action> [<args>]


nova-status is a tool that provides routines for checking the status of a Nova deployment.


The standard pattern for executing a nova-status command is:

nova-status <category> <command> [<args>]

Run without arguments to see a list of available command categories:


Categories are:

  • upgrade

Detailed descriptions are below.

You can also run with a category argument such as upgrade to see a list of all commands in that category:

nova-status upgrade

These sections describe the available categories and arguments for nova-status.


nova-status upgrade check

Performs a release-specific readiness check before restarting services with new code. This command expects to have complete configuration and access to databases and services within a cell. For example, this check may query the Nova API database and one or more cell databases. It may also make requests to other services such as the Placement REST API via the Keystone service catalog.

Return Codes

Return code



All upgrade readiness checks passed successfully and there is nothing to do.


At least one check encountered an issue and requires further investigation. This is considered a warning but the upgrade may be OK.


There was an upgrade status check failure that needs to be investigated. This should be considered something that stops an upgrade.


An unexpected error occurred.

History of Checks

15.0.0 (Ocata)

  • Checks are added for cells v2 so nova-status upgrade check should be run after running the nova-manage cell_v2 simple_cell_setup command.

  • Checks are added for the Placement API such that there is an endpoint in the Keystone service catalog, the service is running and the check can make a successful request to the endpoint. The command also checks to see that there are compute node resource providers checking in with the Placement service. More information on the Placement service can be found at Placement API.

16.0.0 (Pike)

  • Checks for the Placement API are modified to require version 1.4, that is needed in Pike and further for nova-scheduler to work correctly.

17.0.0 (Queens)

  • Checks for the Placement API are modified to require version 1.17.

18.0.0 (Rocky)

  • Checks for the Placement API are modified to require version 1.28.

  • Checks that ironic instances have had their embedded flavors migrated to use custom resource classes.

  • Checks for nova-osapi_compute service versions that are less than 15 across all cell mappings which might cause issues when querying instances depending on how the nova-api service is configured. See for details.

  • Checks that existing instances have been migrated to have a matching request spec in the API DB.

19.0.0 (Stein)

  • Checks for the Placement API are modified to require version 1.30.

  • Checks are added for the nova-consoleauth service to warn and provide additional instructions to set [workarounds]enable_consoleauth = True while performing a live/rolling upgrade.

  • The “Resource Providers” upgrade check was removed since the placement service code is being extracted from nova and the related tables are no longer used in the nova_api database.

  • The “API Service Version” upgrade check was removed since the corresponding code for that check was removed in Stein.

20.0.0 (Train)

  • Checks for the Placement API are modified to require version 1.32.

  • Checks to ensure block-storage (cinder) API version 3.44 is available in order to support multi-attach volumes. If [cinder]/auth_type is not configured this is a no-op check.

  • The “nova-consoleauth service” upgrade check was removed since the service was removed in Train.

  • The Request Spec Migration check was removed.

21.0.0 (Ussuri) * Checks for the Placement API are modified to require version 1.35.

21.0.0 (Ussuri)

  • Checks for the policy files are not automatically overwritten with new defaults.

  • Checks for computes older than the previous major release. This check was backported from 23.0.0 (Wallaby).

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