The OpenStack File Share service allows you to offer shared file systems service to OpenStack users in your installation. The Shared File Systems service can run in a single-node or multiple node configuration. The Shared File Systems service can be configured to provision shares from one or more back ends, so it is required to declare at least one back end. Shared File System service contains several configurable components.

It is important to understand these components:

  • Share networks
  • Shares
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Back ends

The Shared File Systems service consists of four types of services, most of which are similar to those of the Block Storage service:

  • manila-api
  • manila-data
  • manila-scheduler
  • manila-share

Installation of first three - manila-api, manila-data, and manila-scheduler is common for almost all deployments. But configuration of manila-share is backend-specific and can differ from deployment to deployment.

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