ITRI DISCO volume driver

ITRI DISCO volume driver

Supported operations

The DISCO driver supports the following features:

  • Volume create and delete
  • Volume attach and detach
  • Snapshot create and delete
  • Create volume from snapshot
  • Get volume stats
  • Copy image to volume
  • Copy volume to image
  • Clone volume
  • Extend volume
  • Manage and unmanage volume

Configuration options

Description of Disco volume driver configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
choice_client = None (String) Use soap client or rest client for communicating with DISCO. Possible values are “soap” or “rest”.
clone_check_timeout = 3600 (Integer) How long we check whether a clone is finished before we give up
clone_volume_timeout = 680 (Integer) Create clone volume timeout.
disco_client = (IP) The IP of DMS client socket server
disco_client_port = 9898 (Port number) The port to connect DMS client socket server
disco_src_api_port = 8080 (Port number) The port of DISCO source API
disco_wsdl_path = /etc/cinder/DISCOService.wsdl (String) DEPRECATED: Path to the wsdl file to communicate with DISCO request manager
rest_ip = None (IP) The IP address of the REST server
restore_check_timeout = 3600 (Integer) How long we check whether a restore is finished before we give up
retry_interval = 1 (Integer) How long we wait before retrying to get an item detail
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