Nimble Storage volume driver

Nimble Storage volume driver

Nimble Storage fully integrates with the OpenStack platform through the Nimble Cinder driver, allowing a host to configure and manage Nimble Storage array features through Block Storage interfaces.

Support for iSCSI storage protocol is available with NimbleISCSIDriver Volume Driver class and Fibre Channel with NimbleFCDriver.

Support for the Liberty release and above is available from Nimble OS 2.3.8 or later.

Supported operations

  • Create, delete, clone, attach, and detach volumes
  • Create and delete volume snapshots
  • Create a volume from a snapshot
  • Copy an image to a volume
  • Copy a volume to an image
  • Extend a volume
  • Get volume statistics
  • Manage and unmanage a volume
  • Enable encryption and default performance policy for a volume-type extra-specs
  • Force backup of an in-use volume.

Nimble Storage driver configuration

Update the file /etc/cinder/cinder.conf with the given configuration.

In case of a basic (single back-end) configuration, add the parameters within the [default] section as follows.

san_login = NIMBLE_USER
san_password = NIMBLE_PASSWORD
use_multipath_for_image_xfer = True
volume_driver = NIMBLE_VOLUME_DRIVER

In case of multiple back-end configuration, for example, configuration which supports multiple Nimble Storage arrays or a single Nimble Storage array with arrays from other vendors, use the following parameters.

enabled_backends = Nimble-Cinder

san_login = NIMBLE_USER
san_password = NIMBLE_PASSWORD
use_multipath_for_image_xfer = True
volume_driver = NIMBLE_VOLUME_DRIVER
volume_backend_name = NIMBLE_BACKEND_NAME

In case of multiple back-end configuration, Nimble Storage volume type is created and associated with a back-end name as follows.


Single back-end configuration users do not need to create the volume type.

$ openstack volume type create NIMBLE_VOLUME_TYPE
$ openstack volume type set --property volume_backend_name=NIMBLE_BACKEND_NAME NIMBLE_VOLUME_TYPE

This section explains the variables used above:

Management IP address of Nimble Storage array/group.
Nimble Storage account login with minimum power user (admin) privilege if RBAC is used.
Password of the admin account for nimble array.
Use either cinder.volume.drivers.nimble.NimbleISCSIDriver for iSCSI or cinder.volume.drivers.nimble.NimbleFCDriver for Fibre Channel.
A volume back-end name which is specified in the cinder.conf file. This is also used while assigning a back-end name to the Nimble volume type.

The Nimble volume-type which is created from the CLI and associated with NIMBLE_BACKEND_NAME.


Restart the cinder-api, cinder-scheduler, and cinder-volume services after updating the cinder.conf file.

Nimble driver extra spec options

The Nimble volume driver also supports the following extra spec options:

Used to enable encryption for a volume-type.
PERF_POL_NAME is the name of a performance policy which exists on the Nimble array and should be enabled for every volume in a volume type.
Used to enable multi-initiator access for a volume-type.

These extra-specs can be enabled by using the following command:

$ openstack volume type set --property KEY=VALUE VOLUME_TYPE

VOLUME_TYPE is the Nimble volume type and KEY and VALUE are the options mentioned above.

Configuration options

The Nimble storage driver supports these configuration options:

Description of Nimble driver configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
nimble_pool_name = default (String) Nimble Controller pool name
nimble_subnet_label = * (String) Nimble Subnet Label
nimble_verify_cert_path = None (String) Path to Nimble Array SSL certificate
nimble_verify_certificate = False (String) Whether to verify Nimble SSL Certificate
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