Additional configuration options for Clustering service

Additional configuration options for Clustering service

These options can also be set in the senlin.conf file.

Description of Common configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
batch_interval = 3 (Integer) Seconds to pause between scheduling two consecutive batches of node actions.
cloud_backend = openstack (String) Default cloud backend to use.
default_action_timeout = 3600 (Integer) Timeout in seconds for actions.
default_region_name = None (String) Default region name used to get services endpoints.
engine_life_check_timeout = 2 (Integer) RPC timeout for the engine liveness check that is used for cluster locking.
environment_dir = /etc/senlin/environments (String) The directory to search for environment files.
event_dispatchers = ['database'] (Multi-valued) Event dispatchers to enable
executor_thread_pool_size = 64 (Integer) Size of executor thread pool.
fatal_deprecations = False (Boolean) Enables or disables fatal status of deprecations.
host = localhost (String) Name of the engine node. This can be an opaque identifier. It is not necessarily a hostname, FQDN, or IP address.
lock_retry_interval = 10 (Integer) Number of seconds between lock retries.
lock_retry_times = 3 (Integer) Number of times trying to grab a lock.
max_actions_per_batch = 0 (Integer) Maximum number of node actions that each engine worker can schedule consecutively per batch. 0 means no limit.
max_clusters_per_project = 100 (Integer) Maximum number of clusters any one project may have active at one time.
max_nodes_per_cluster = 1000 (Integer) Maximum nodes allowed per top-level cluster.
max_response_size = 524288 (Integer) Maximum raw byte size of data from web response.
name_unique = False (Boolean) Flag to indicate whether to enforce unique names for Senlin objects belonging to the same project.
num_engine_workers = 1 (Integer) Number of senlin-engine processes to fork and run.
periodic_fuzzy_delay = 10 (Integer) Range of seconds to randomly delay when starting the periodic task scheduler to reduce stampeding. (Disable by setting to 0)
periodic_interval = 60 (Integer) Seconds between running periodic tasks.
periodic_interval_max = 120 (Integer) Maximum seconds between periodic tasks to be called
publish_errors = False (Boolean) Enables or disables publication of error events.
use_router_proxy = False (Boolean) Use ROUTER remote proxy.
exclude_derived_actions = True (Boolean) Exclude derived actions from events dumping.
priority = info (String) Lowest event priorities to be dispatched.
heat_control_exchange = heat (String) Exchange name for heat notifications
nova_control_exchange = nova (String) Exchange name for nova notifications
backends = (List) Additional backends that can perform health checks and report that information back as part of a request.
detailed = False (Boolean) Show more detailed information as part of the response
disable_by_file_path = None (String) Check the presence of a file to determine if an application is running on a port. Used by DisableByFileHealthcheck plugin.
disable_by_file_paths = (List) Check the presence of a file based on a port to determine if an application is running on a port. Expects a “port:path” list of strings. Used by DisableByFilesPortsHealthcheck plugin.
path = /healthcheck (String) DEPRECATED: The path to respond to healtcheck requests on.
fatal_exception_format_errors = False (Boolean) Make exception message format errors fatal
connection_string = messaging://

(String) Connection string for a notifier backend. Default value is messaging:// which sets the notifier to oslo_messaging.

Examples of possible values:

  • messaging://: use oslo_messaging driver for sending notifications.
  • mongodb:// : use mongodb driver for sending notifications.
  • elasticsearch:// : use elasticsearch driver for sending notifications.
enabled = False

(Boolean) Enables the profiling for all services on this node. Default value is False (fully disable the profiling feature).

Possible values:

  • True: Enables the feature
  • False: Disables the feature. The profiling cannot be started via this project operations. If the profiling is triggered by another project, this project part will be empty.
es_doc_type = notification (String) Document type for notification indexing in elasticsearch.
es_scroll_size = 10000 (Integer) Elasticsearch splits large requests in batches. This parameter defines maximum size of each batch (for example: es_scroll_size=10000).
es_scroll_time = 2m (String) This parameter is a time value parameter (for example: es_scroll_time=2m), indicating for how long the nodes that participate in the search will maintain relevant resources in order to continue and support it.
hmac_keys = SECRET_KEY

(String) Secret key(s) to use for encrypting context data for performance profiling. This string value should have the following format: <key1>[,<key2>,...<keyn>], where each key is some random string. A user who triggers the profiling via the REST API has to set one of these keys in the headers of the REST API call to include profiling results of this node for this particular project.

Both “enabled” flag and “hmac_keys” config options should be set to enable profiling. Also, to generate correct profiling information across all services at least one key needs to be consistent between OpenStack projects. This ensures it can be used from client side to generate the trace, containing information from all possible resources.

sentinel_service_name = mymaster (String) Redissentinel uses a service name to identify a master redis service. This parameter defines the name (for example: sentinal_service_name=mymaster).
socket_timeout = 0.1 (Floating point) Redissentinel provides a timeout option on the connections. This parameter defines that timeout (for example: socket_timeout=0.1).
trace_sqlalchemy = False

(Boolean) Enables SQL requests profiling in services. Default value is False (SQL requests won’t be traced).

Possible values:

  • True: Enables SQL requests profiling. Each SQL query will be part of the trace and can the be analyzed by how much time was spent for that.
  • False: Disables SQL requests profiling. The spent time is only shown on a higher level of operations. Single SQL queries cannot be analyzed this way.
host = None (String) The address for notifying and triggering receivers. It is useful for case Senlin API service is running behind a proxy.
max_message_size = 65535 (Port number) The max size(bytes) of message can be posted to receiver queue.
port = 8778 (Port number) The port for notifying and triggering receivers. It is useful for case Senlin API service is running behind a proxy.
Description of Redis configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
check_timeout = 20000 (Integer) Time in ms to wait before the transaction is killed.
host = (String) DEPRECATED: Host to locate redis. Replaced by [DEFAULT]/transport_url
password = (String) DEPRECATED: Password for Redis server (optional). Replaced by [DEFAULT]/transport_url
port = 6379 (Port number) DEPRECATED: Use this port to connect to redis host. Replaced by [DEFAULT]/transport_url
sentinel_group_name = oslo-messaging-zeromq (String) Redis replica set name.
sentinel_hosts = (List) DEPRECATED: List of Redis Sentinel hosts (fault tolerance mode), e.g., [host:port, host1:port ... ] Replaced by [DEFAULT]/transport_url
socket_timeout = 10000 (Integer) Timeout in ms on blocking socket operations.
wait_timeout = 2000 (Integer) Time in ms to wait between connection attempts.
Description of Message service configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
auth_section = None (Unknown) Config Section from which to load plugin specific options
auth_type = None (Unknown) Authentication type to load
cafile = None (String) PEM encoded Certificate Authority to use when verifying HTTPs connections.
certfile = None (String) PEM encoded client certificate cert file
insecure = False (Boolean) Verify HTTPS connections.
keyfile = None (String) PEM encoded client certificate key file
timeout = None (Integer) Timeout value for http requests
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