Environment variables required to run examples

Environment variables required to run examples

To run the cURL command examples for the Object Storage API requests, set these environment variables:

The public URL that is the HTTP endpoint from where you can access Object Storage. It includes the Object Storage API version number and your account name. For example,
The authentication token for Object Storage.

To obtain these values, run the swift stat -v command.

As shown in this example, the public URL appears in the StorageURL field, and the token appears in the Auth Token field:

Auth Token: {token}
Account: my_account
Containers: 2
Objects: 3
Bytes: 47
Meta Book: MobyDick
X-Timestamp: 1389453423.35964
X-Trans-Id: txee55498935404a2caad89-0052dd3b77
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8
Accept-Ranges: bytes
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