Octavia Event Notifications

Octavia uses the oslo messaging notification system to send notifications for certain events, such as “octavia.loadbalancer.create.end” after the completion of a loadbalancer create operation.

Configuring oslo messaging for event notifications

By default, the notifications driver in oslo_messaging is set to an empty string; therefore, this option must be configured in order for notifications to be sent. Valid options are defined in oslo.messaging documentation. The example provided below is the format produced by the messagingv2 driver.

You may specify a custom list of topics on which to send notifications. A topic is created for each notification level, with a dot and the level appended to the value(s) specified in this list, e.g.: notifications.info, octavia-notifications.info, etc..

Oslo messaging supports separate backends for RPC and notifications. If different from the [DEFAULT] transport_url configuration, you must specify the transport_url in the [oslo_messaging_notifications] section of your octavia.conf configuration.

driver = messagingv2
topics = octavia-notifications,notifications
transport_url = transport://user:pass@host1:port/virtual_host

Event Types

Event types supported in Octavia are:




Example Notification

The payload for an oslo.message notification for Octavia loadbalancer events is the complete loadbalancer dict in json format. The complete contents of an oslo.message notification for a loadbalancer event in Octavia follows the format of the following example:

  "message_id": "d84a3800-06ca-410e-a1a3-b40a02306a97",
  "publisher_id": null,
  "event_type": "octavia.loadbalancer.create.end",
  "priority": "INFO",
  "payload": {
    "enabled": true,
    "availability_zone": null,
    "created_at": "2022-04-22T23:02:14.000000",
    "description": "",
    "flavor_id": null,
    "id": "8d4c8f66-7ac1-408e-82d5-59f6fcdea9ee",
    "listeners": [],
    "name": "my-octavia-loadbalancer",
    "operating_status": "OFFLINE",
    "pools": [],
    "project_id": "qs59p6z696cp9cho8ze96edddvpfyvgz",
    "provider": "amphora",
    "provisioning_status": "PENDING_CREATE",
    "tags": [],
    "updated_at": null,
    "vip": {
      "ip_address": "",
      "network_id": "849b08a9-4397-4d6e-929d-90efc055ab8e",
      "port_id": "303870a4-bbc3-428c-98dd-492f423869d9",
      "qos_policy_id": null,
      "subnet_id": "d59311ee-ed3a-42c0-ac97-cebf7945facc"
  "timestamp": "2022-04-22 23:02:15.717375",
  "_unique_id": "71f03f00c96342328f09dbd92fe0d398",
  "_context_user": null,
  "_context_tenant": "qs59p6z696cp9cho8ze96edddvpfyvgz",
  "_context_system_scope": null,
  "_context_project": "qs59p6z696cp9cho8ze96edddvpfyvgz",
  "_context_domain": null,
  "_context_user_domain": null,
  "_context_project_domain": null,
  "_context_is_admin": false,
  "_context_read_only": false,
  "_context_show_deleted": false,
  "_context_auth_token": null,
  "_context_request_id": "req-072bab53-1b9b-46fa-92b0-7f04305c31bf",
  "_context_global_request_id": null,
  "_context_resource_uuid": null,
  "_context_roles": [],
  "_context_user_identity": "- qs59p6z696cp9cho8ze96edddvpfyvgz - - -",
  "_context_is_admin_project": true

Disabling Event Notifications

By default, event notifications are enabled (see configuring oslo messaging section above for additional requirements). To disable this feature, use the following setting in your Octavia configuration file:

event_notifications = False