Source code for octavia.common.exceptions

# Copyright 2011 VMware, Inc, 2014 A10 Networks
# All Rights Reserved.
#    Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
#    not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
#    a copy of the License at
#    Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
#    distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
#    WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
#    License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
#    under the License.

Octavia base exception handling.

from oslo_utils import excutils
from webob import exc

from octavia.i18n import _

[docs] class OctaviaException(Exception): """Base Octavia Exception. To correctly use this class, inherit from it and define a 'message' property. That message will get printf'd with the keyword arguments provided to the constructor. """ message = _("An unknown exception occurred.") orig_msg = None orig_code = None def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): try: if args: self.message = args[0] self.orig_msg = kwargs.get('orig_msg') self.orig_code = kwargs.get('orig_code') super().__init__(self.message % kwargs) self.msg = self.message % kwargs except Exception: with excutils.save_and_reraise_exception() as ctxt: if not self.use_fatal_exceptions(): ctxt.reraise = False # at least get the core message out if something happened super().__init__(self.message) def __unicode__(self): return self.msg
[docs] @staticmethod def use_fatal_exceptions(): return False
# NOTE(blogan) Using webob exceptions here because WSME exceptions a very # limited at this point and they do not work well in _lookup methods in the # controllers
[docs] class APIException(exc.HTTPClientError): msg = "Something unknown went wrong" code = 500 def __init__(self, **kwargs): self.msg = self.msg % kwargs super().__init__(detail=self.msg)
[docs] class NotFound(APIException): msg = _('%(resource)s %(id)s not found.') code = 404
[docs] class PolicyForbidden(APIException): msg = _("Policy does not allow this request to be performed.") code = 403
[docs] class InvalidOption(APIException): msg = _("%(value)s is not a valid option for %(option)s") code = 400
[docs] class InvalidFilterArgument(APIException): msg = "One or more arguments are either duplicate or invalid" code = 400
[docs] class DisabledOption(APIException): msg = _("The selected %(option)s is not allowed in this deployment: " "%(value)s") code = 400
[docs] class L7RuleValidation(APIException): msg = _("Error parsing L7Rule: %(error)s") code = 400
[docs] class SingleCreateDetailsMissing(APIException): msg = _("Missing details for %(type)s object: %(name)s") code = 400
[docs] class InvalidHMACException(OctaviaException): message = _("HMAC hashes didn't match")
[docs] class MissingArguments(OctaviaException): message = _("Missing arguments.")
[docs] class NetworkConfig(OctaviaException): message = _("Unable to allocate network resource from config")
[docs] class NeedsPassphrase(OctaviaException): message = _("Passphrase needed to decrypt key but client " "did not provide one.")
[docs] class UnreadableCert(OctaviaException): message = _("Could not read X509 from PEM")
[docs] class UnreadablePKCS12(APIException): msg = _("The PKCS12 bundle is unreadable. Please check the PKCS12 bundle " "validity. In addition, make sure it does not require a pass " "phrase. Error: %(error)s") code = 400
[docs] class MissingCertSubject(APIException): msg = _('No CN or DNSName(s) found in certificate. The certificate is ' 'invalid.') code = 400
[docs] class MisMatchedKey(OctaviaException): message = _("Key and x509 certificate do not match")
[docs] class CertificateRetrievalException(APIException): msg = _('Could not retrieve certificate: %(ref)s') code = 400
[docs] class CertificateStorageException(OctaviaException): message = _('Could not store certificate: %(msg)s')
[docs] class CertificateGenerationException(OctaviaException): message = _('Could not sign the certificate request: %(msg)s')
[docs] class DuplicateListenerEntry(APIException): msg = _("Another Listener on this Load Balancer " "is already using protocol %(protocol)s " "and protocol_port %(port)d") code = 409
[docs] class DuplicateMemberEntry(APIException): msg = _("Another member on this pool is already using ip %(ip_address)s " "on protocol_port %(port)d") code = 409
[docs] class DuplicateHealthMonitor(APIException): msg = _("This pool already has a health monitor") code = 409
[docs] class DuplicatePoolEntry(APIException): msg = _("This listener already has a default pool") code = 409
[docs] class PoolInUseByL7Policy(APIException): msg = _("Pool %(id)s is in use by L7 policy %(l7policy_id)s") code = 409
[docs] class ImmutableObject(APIException): msg = _("%(resource)s %(id)s is immutable and cannot be updated.") code = 409
[docs] class LBPendingStateError(APIException): msg = _("Invalid state %(state)s of loadbalancer resource %(id)s") code = 409
[docs] class TooManyL7RulesOnL7Policy(APIException): msg = _("Too many rules on L7 policy %(id)s") code = 409
[docs] class ComputeBuildException(OctaviaException): message = _("Failed to build compute instance due to: %(fault)s")
[docs] class ComputeBuildQueueTimeoutException(OctaviaException): message = _('Failed to get an amphora build slot.')
[docs] class ComputeDeleteException(OctaviaException): message = _('Failed to delete compute instance. The compute service ' 'reports: %(compute_msg)s')
[docs] class ComputeGetException(OctaviaException): message = _('Failed to retrieve compute instance.')
[docs] class ComputeStatusException(OctaviaException): message = _('Failed to retrieve compute instance status.')
[docs] class ComputeGetInterfaceException(OctaviaException): message = _('Failed to retrieve compute virtual interfaces.')
[docs] class IDAlreadyExists(APIException): msg = _('Already an entity with that specified id.') code = 409
[docs] class RecordAlreadyExists(APIException): msg = _('A %(field)s of %(name)s already exists.') code = 409
[docs] class NoReadyAmphoraeException(OctaviaException): message = _('There are not any READY amphora available.')
[docs] class ImageGetException(OctaviaException): message = _('Failed to retrieve image with %(tag)s tag.')
# This is an internal use exception for the taskflow work flow # and will not be exposed to the customer. This means it is a # normal part of operation while waiting for compute to go active # on the instance
[docs] class ComputeWaitTimeoutException(OctaviaException): message = _('Waiting for compute id %(id)s to go active timeout.')
[docs] class ComputePortInUseException(OctaviaException): message = _('Compute driver reports port %(port)s is already in use.')
[docs] class ComputeNoResourcesException(OctaviaException): message = _('The compute service does not have the resources available to ' 'fulfill the request')
[docs] class ComputeUnknownException(OctaviaException): message = _('Unknown exception from the compute driver: %(exc)s.')
[docs] class InvalidTopology(OctaviaException): message = _('Invalid topology specified: %(topology)s')
# L7 policy and rule exceptions
[docs] class InvalidL7PolicyAction(APIException): msg = _('Invalid L7 Policy action specified: %(action)s') code = 400
[docs] class InvalidL7PolicyArgs(APIException): msg = _('Invalid L7 Policy arguments: %(msg)s') code = 400
[docs] class InvalidURL(OctaviaException): message = _('Not a valid URL: %(url)s')
[docs] class InvalidURLPath(APIException): msg = _('Not a valid URLPath: %(url_path)s') code = 400
[docs] class InvalidString(OctaviaException): message = _('Invalid characters in %(what)s')
[docs] class InvalidRegex(OctaviaException): message = _('Unable to parse regular expression: %(e)s')
[docs] class InvalidL7Rule(OctaviaException): message = _('Invalid L7 Rule: %(msg)s')
[docs] class ServerGroupObjectCreateException(OctaviaException): message = _('Failed to create server group object.')
[docs] class ServerGroupObjectDeleteException(OctaviaException): message = _('Failed to delete server group object.')
[docs] class InvalidAmphoraOperatingSystem(OctaviaException): message = _('Invalid amphora operating system: %(os_name)s')
[docs] class QuotaException(APIException): msg = _('Quota has been met for resources: %(resource)s') code = 403
[docs] class ProjectBusyException(APIException): msg = _('Project busy. Unable to lock the project. Please try again.') code = 503
[docs] class MissingProjectID(OctaviaException): message = _('Missing project ID in request where one is required.')
[docs] class MissingAPIProjectID(APIException): message = _('Missing project ID in request where one is required.') code = 400
[docs] class InvalidSubresource(APIException): msg = _('%(resource)s %(id)s not found.') code = 400
[docs] class ValidationException(APIException): msg = _('Validation failure: %(detail)s') code = 400
[docs] class VIPValidationException(APIException): msg = _('Validation failure: VIP must contain one of: %(objects)s.') code = 400
[docs] class InvalidSortKey(APIException): msg = _("Supplied sort key '%(key)s' is not valid.") code = 400
[docs] class InvalidSortDirection(APIException): msg = _("Supplied sort direction '%(key)s' is not valid.") code = 400
[docs] class InvalidMarker(APIException): msg = _("Supplied pagination marker '%(key)s' is not valid.") code = 400
[docs] class InvalidLimit(APIException): msg = _("Supplied pagination limit '%(key)s' is not valid.") code = 400
[docs] class MissingVIPSecurityGroup(OctaviaException): message = _('VIP security group is missing for load balancer: %(lb_id)s')
[docs] class ProviderNotEnabled(APIException): msg = _("Provider '%(prov)s' is not enabled.") code = 400
[docs] class ProviderNotFound(APIException): msg = _("Provider '%(prov)s' was not found.") code = 501
[docs] class ProviderDriverError(APIException): msg = _("Provider '%(prov)s' reports error: %(user_msg)s") code = 500
[docs] class ProviderNotImplementedError(APIException): msg = _("Provider '%(prov)s' does not support a requested action: " "%(user_msg)s") code = 501
[docs] class ProviderUnsupportedOptionError(APIException): msg = _("Provider '%(prov)s' does not support a requested option: " "%(user_msg)s") code = 501
[docs] class InputFileError(OctaviaException): message = _('Error with file %(file_name)s. Reason: %(reason)s')
[docs] class ObjectInUse(APIException): msg = _("%(object)s %(id)s is in use and cannot be modified.") code = 409
[docs] class ProviderFlavorMismatchError(APIException): msg = _("Flavor '%(flav)s' is not compatible with provider '%(prov)s'") code = 400
[docs] class VolumeDeleteException(OctaviaException): message = _('Failed to delete volume instance.')
[docs] class VolumeGetException(OctaviaException): message = _('Failed to retrieve volume instance.')
[docs] class NetworkServiceError(OctaviaException): message = _('The networking service had a failure: %(net_error)s')
[docs] class InvalidIPAddress(APIException): msg = _('The IP Address %(ip_addr)s is invalid.') code = 400
[docs] class AmphoraNetworkConfigException(OctaviaException): message = _('Cannot configure network resource in the amphora: ' '%(detail)s')
[docs] class ListenerNoChildren(APIException): msg = _('Protocol %(protocol)s listeners cannot have child objects.') code = 400