Source code for octavia.controller.worker.v2.tasks.compute_tasks

# Copyright 2015 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.

import time

from cryptography import fernet
from oslo_config import cfg
from oslo_log import log as logging
from stevedore import driver as stevedore_driver
from taskflow import retry
from taskflow import task
from taskflow.types import failure
import tenacity

from octavia.amphorae.backends.agent import agent_jinja_cfg
from octavia.common import constants
from octavia.common import exceptions
from octavia.common.jinja.logging import logging_jinja_cfg
from octavia.common.jinja import user_data_jinja_cfg
from octavia.common import utils
from octavia.controller.worker import amphora_rate_limit
from octavia.db import api as db_apis
from octavia.db import repositories as repo

LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs] class BaseComputeTask(task.Task): """Base task to load drivers common to the tasks.""" def __init__(self, **kwargs): super().__init__(**kwargs) self.compute = stevedore_driver.DriverManager( namespace='octavia.compute.drivers', name=CONF.controller_worker.compute_driver, invoke_on_load=True ).driver self.loadbalancer_repo = repo.LoadBalancerRepository() self.rate_limit = amphora_rate_limit.AmphoraBuildRateLimit()
[docs] class ComputeRetry(retry.Times):
[docs] def on_failure(self, history, *args, **kwargs): last_errors = history[-1][1] max_retry_attempt = CONF.controller_worker.amp_active_retries for task_name, ex_info in last_errors.items(): if len(history) <= max_retry_attempt: # When taskflow persistence is enabled and flow/task state is # saved in the backend. If flow(task) is restored(restart of # worker,etc) we are getting ex_info as None - we need to RETRY # task to check its real state. if ex_info is None or ex_info._exc_info is None: return retry.RETRY excp = ex_info._exc_info[1] if isinstance(excp, exceptions.ComputeWaitTimeoutException): return retry.RETRY return retry.REVERT_ALL
[docs] class ComputeCreate(BaseComputeTask): """Create the compute instance for a new amphora."""
[docs] def execute(self, amphora_id, server_group_id, config_drive_files=None, build_type_priority=constants.LB_CREATE_NORMAL_PRIORITY, ports=None, flavor=None, availability_zone=None): """Create an amphora :param availability_zone: availability zone metadata dictionary :returns: an amphora """ ports = ports or [] network_ids = CONF.controller_worker.amp_boot_network_list[:] config_drive_files = config_drive_files or {} user_data = None LOG.debug("Compute create execute for amphora with id %s", amphora_id) user_data_config_drive = CONF.controller_worker.user_data_config_drive key_name = CONF.controller_worker.amp_ssh_key_name # Apply an Octavia flavor customizations if flavor: topology = flavor.get(constants.LOADBALANCER_TOPOLOGY, CONF.controller_worker.loadbalancer_topology) amp_compute_flavor = flavor.get( constants.COMPUTE_FLAVOR, CONF.controller_worker.amp_flavor_id) amp_image_tag = flavor.get( constants.AMP_IMAGE_TAG, CONF.controller_worker.amp_image_tag) else: topology = CONF.controller_worker.loadbalancer_topology amp_compute_flavor = CONF.controller_worker.amp_flavor_id amp_image_tag = CONF.controller_worker.amp_image_tag if availability_zone: amp_availability_zone = availability_zone.get( constants.COMPUTE_ZONE) amp_network = availability_zone.get(constants.MANAGEMENT_NETWORK) if amp_network: network_ids = [amp_network] else: amp_availability_zone = None try: if CONF.haproxy_amphora.build_rate_limit != -1: self.rate_limit.add_to_build_request_queue( amphora_id, build_type_priority) agent_cfg = agent_jinja_cfg.AgentJinjaTemplater() config_drive_files['/etc/octavia/amphora-agent.conf'] = ( agent_cfg.build_agent_config(amphora_id, topology)) logging_cfg = logging_jinja_cfg.LoggingJinjaTemplater( CONF.amphora_agent.logging_template_override) config_drive_files['/etc/rsyslog.d/10-rsyslog.conf'] = ( logging_cfg.build_logging_config()) udtemplater = user_data_jinja_cfg.UserDataJinjaCfg() user_data = udtemplater.build_user_data_config( config_drive_files if user_data_config_drive else {}) if user_data_config_drive: config_drive_files = None compute_id = name="amphora-" + amphora_id, amphora_flavor=amp_compute_flavor, image_tag=amp_image_tag, image_owner=CONF.controller_worker.amp_image_owner_id, key_name=key_name, sec_groups=CONF.controller_worker.amp_secgroup_list, network_ids=network_ids, port_ids=[ for port in ports], config_drive_files=config_drive_files, user_data=user_data, server_group_id=server_group_id, availability_zone=amp_availability_zone)"Server created with id: %s for amphora id: %s", compute_id, amphora_id) return compute_id except Exception: LOG.exception("Compute create for amphora id: %s failed", amphora_id) raise
[docs] def revert(self, result, amphora_id, *args, **kwargs): """This method will revert the creation of the amphora. So it will just delete it in this flow """ if isinstance(result, failure.Failure): return compute_id = result LOG.warning("Reverting compute create for amphora with id " "%(amp)s and compute id: %(comp)s", {'amp': amphora_id, 'comp': compute_id}) try: self.compute.delete(compute_id) except Exception: LOG.exception("Reverting compute create failed")
[docs] class CertComputeCreate(ComputeCreate):
[docs] def execute(self, amphora_id, server_pem, server_group_id, build_type_priority=constants.LB_CREATE_NORMAL_PRIORITY, ports=None, flavor=None, availability_zone=None): """Create an amphora :param availability_zone: availability zone metadata dictionary :returns: an amphora """ # load client certificate with open(CONF.controller_worker.client_ca, 'r', encoding='utf-8') as client_ca: ca = key = utils.get_compatible_server_certs_key_passphrase() fer = fernet.Fernet(key) config_drive_files = { '/etc/octavia/certs/server.pem': fer.decrypt( server_pem.encode("utf-8")).decode("utf-8"), '/etc/octavia/certs/client_ca.pem': ca} return super().execute( amphora_id, config_drive_files=config_drive_files, build_type_priority=build_type_priority, server_group_id=server_group_id, ports=ports, flavor=flavor, availability_zone=availability_zone)
[docs] class DeleteAmphoraeOnLoadBalancer(BaseComputeTask): """Delete the amphorae on a load balancer. Iterate through amphorae, deleting them """
[docs] def execute(self, loadbalancer): session = db_apis.get_session() with session.begin(): db_lb = self.loadbalancer_repo.get( session, id=loadbalancer[constants.LOADBALANCER_ID]) for amp in db_lb.amphorae: # The compute driver will already handle NotFound try: self.compute.delete(amp.compute_id) except Exception: LOG.exception("Compute delete for amphora id: %s failed", raise
[docs] class ComputeDelete(BaseComputeTask):
[docs] @tenacity.retry(retry=tenacity.retry_if_exception_type(), stop=tenacity.stop_after_attempt(CONF.compute.max_retries), wait=tenacity.wait_exponential( multiplier=CONF.compute.retry_backoff, min=CONF.compute.retry_interval, max=CONF.compute.retry_max), reraise=True) def execute(self, amphora, passive_failure=False): amphora_id = amphora.get(constants.ID) compute_id = amphora[constants.COMPUTE_ID] if self.execute.retry.statistics.get(constants.ATTEMPT_NUMBER, 1) == 1: LOG.debug('Compute delete execute for amphora with ID %s and ' 'compute ID: %s', amphora_id, compute_id) else: LOG.warning('Retrying compute delete of %s attempt %s of %s.', compute_id, self.execute.retry.statistics[ constants.ATTEMPT_NUMBER], self.execute.retry.stop.max_attempt_number) # Let the Taskflow engine know we are working and alive # Don't use get with a default for 'attempt_number', we need to fail # if that number is missing. self.update_progress( self.execute.retry.statistics[constants.ATTEMPT_NUMBER] / self.execute.retry.stop.max_attempt_number) try: self.compute.delete(compute_id) except Exception: if (self.execute.retry.statistics[constants.ATTEMPT_NUMBER] != self.execute.retry.stop.max_attempt_number): LOG.warning('Compute delete for amphora id: %s failed. ' 'Retrying.', amphora_id) raise if passive_failure: LOG.exception('Compute delete for compute ID: %s on amphora ' 'ID: %s failed. This resource will be abandoned ' 'and should manually be cleaned up once the ' 'compute service is functional.', compute_id, amphora_id) else: LOG.exception('Compute delete for compute ID: %s on amphora ' 'ID: %s failed. The compute service has failed. ' 'Aborting and reverting.', compute_id, amphora_id) raise
[docs] class ComputeWait(BaseComputeTask): """Wait for the compute driver to mark the amphora active."""
[docs] def execute(self, compute_id, amphora_id, availability_zone): """Wait for the compute driver to mark the amphora active :param compute_id: virtual machine UUID :param amphora_id: id of the amphora object :param availability_zone: availability zone metadata dictionary :raises: Generic exception if the amphora is not active :returns: An amphora object """ if availability_zone: amp_network = availability_zone.get(constants.MANAGEMENT_NETWORK) else: amp_network = None amp, fault = self.compute.get_amphora(compute_id, amp_network) if amp.status == constants.ACTIVE: if CONF.haproxy_amphora.build_rate_limit != -1: self.rate_limit.remove_from_build_req_queue(amphora_id) return amp.to_dict() if amp.status == constants.ERROR: raise exceptions.ComputeBuildException(fault=fault) time.sleep(CONF.controller_worker.amp_active_wait_sec) raise exceptions.ComputeWaitTimeoutException(id=compute_id)
[docs] class NovaServerGroupCreate(BaseComputeTask):
[docs] def execute(self, loadbalancer_id): """Create a server group by nova client api :param loadbalancer_id: will be used for server group's name :param policy: will used for server group's policy :raises: Generic exception if the server group is not created :returns: server group's id """ name = 'octavia-lb-' + loadbalancer_id server_group = self.compute.create_server_group( name, CONF.nova.anti_affinity_policy) LOG.debug("Server Group created with id: %s for load balancer id: " "%s",, loadbalancer_id) return
[docs] def revert(self, result, *args, **kwargs): """This method will revert the creation of the :param result: here it refers to server group id """ server_group_id = result LOG.warning("Reverting server group create with id:%s", server_group_id) try: self.compute.delete_server_group(server_group_id) except Exception as e: LOG.error("Failed to delete server group. Resources may " "still be in use for server group: %(sg)s due to " "error: %(except)s", {'sg': server_group_id, 'except': str(e)})
[docs] class NovaServerGroupDelete(BaseComputeTask):
[docs] def execute(self, server_group_id): if server_group_id is not None: self.compute.delete_server_group(server_group_id) else: return
[docs] class AttachPort(BaseComputeTask):
[docs] def execute(self, amphora, port): """Attach a port to an amphora instance. :param amphora: The amphora to attach the port to. :param port: The port to attach to the amphora. :returns: None """ LOG.debug('Attaching port: %s to compute: %s', port[constants.ID], amphora[constants.COMPUTE_ID]) self.compute.attach_network_or_port(amphora[constants.COMPUTE_ID], port_id=port[constants.ID])
[docs] def revert(self, amphora, port, *args, **kwargs): """Revert our port attach. :param amphora: The amphora to detach the port from. :param port: The port to attach to the amphora. """ LOG.warning('Reverting port: %s attach to compute: %s', port[constants.ID], amphora[constants.COMPUTE_ID]) try: self.compute.detach_port(amphora[constants.COMPUTE_ID], port[constants.ID]) except Exception as e: LOG.error('Failed to detach port %s from compute %s for revert ' 'due to %s.', port[constants.ID], amphora[constants.COMPUTE_ID], str(e))