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#    Copyright 2014 Rackspace
#    Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
#    not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
#    a copy of the License at
#    Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
#    distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
#    WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
#    License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
#    under the License.
import ipaddress
import time

from novaclient import exceptions as nova_client_exceptions
from octavia_lib.common import constants as lib_consts
import openstack.exceptions as os_exceptions
from oslo_config import cfg
from oslo_log import log as logging
from stevedore import driver as stevedore_driver

from octavia.common import constants
from octavia.common import data_models
from octavia.common import exceptions
from octavia.common import utils as common_utils
from octavia.i18n import _
from import base
from import data_models as n_data_models
from import base as neutron_base
from import utils

LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)
AAP_EXT_ALIAS = 'allowed-address-pairs'
PROJECT_ID_ALIAS = 'project-id'


[docs] class AllowedAddressPairsDriver(neutron_base.BaseNeutronDriver): def __init__(self): super().__init__() self._check_aap_loaded() self.compute = stevedore_driver.DriverManager( namespace='octavia.compute.drivers', name=CONF.controller_worker.compute_driver, invoke_on_load=True ).driver def _check_aap_loaded(self): if not self._check_extension_enabled(AAP_EXT_ALIAS): raise base.NetworkException( 'The {alias} extension is not enabled in neutron. This ' 'driver cannot be used with the {alias} extension ' 'disabled.'.format(alias=AAP_EXT_ALIAS)) def _get_interfaces_to_unplug(self, interfaces, network_id, ip_address=None): ret = [] for interface in interfaces: if interface.network_id == network_id: if ip_address: for fixed_ip in interface.fixed_ips: if ip_address == fixed_ip.ip_address: ret.append(interface) else: ret.append(interface) return ret def _get_plugged_interface(self, compute_id, network_id, lb_network_ip): interfaces = self.get_plugged_networks(compute_id) for interface in interfaces: is_correct_interface = interface.network_id == network_id for ip in interface.fixed_ips: if ip.ip_address == lb_network_ip: is_correct_interface = False if is_correct_interface: return interface return None def _plug_amphora_vip(self, amphora, subnet): # We need a vip port owned by Octavia for Act/Stby and failover try: port = { constants.NAME: 'octavia-lb-vrrp-' +, constants.NETWORK_ID: subnet.network_id, constants.FIXED_IPS: [{'subnet_id':}], constants.ADMIN_STATE_UP: True, constants.DEVICE_OWNER: constants.OCTAVIA_OWNER, } new_port = self.network_proxy.create_port(**port) new_port = utils.convert_port_to_model(new_port) LOG.debug('Created vip port: %(port_id)s for amphora: %(amp)s', {'port_id':, 'amp':}) except Exception as e: message = _('Error creating the base (VRRP) port for the VIP with ' 'port details: {}').format(port) LOG.exception(message) raise base.PlugVIPException(message) from e try: interface = self.plug_port(amphora, new_port) except Exception as e: message = _('Error plugging amphora (compute_id: {compute_id}) ' 'into vip network {network_id}.').format( compute_id=amphora.compute_id, network_id=subnet.network_id) LOG.exception(message) try: if new_port: self.network_proxy.delete_port( LOG.debug('Deleted base (VRRP) port %s due to plug_port ' 'failure.', except Exception: LOG.exception('Failed to delete base (VRRP) port %s after ' 'plug_port failed. This resource is being ' 'abandoned and should be manually deleted when ' 'neutron is functional.', raise base.PlugVIPException(message) from e return interface def _add_vip_address_pairs(self, port_id, vip_address_list): try: self._add_allowed_address_pairs_to_port(port_id, vip_address_list) except os_exceptions.ResourceNotFound as e: raise base.PortNotFound(str(e)) except Exception as e: message = _('Error adding allowed address pair(s) {ips} ' 'to port {port_id}.').format(ips=vip_address_list, port_id=port_id) LOG.exception(message) raise base.PlugVIPException(message) from e def _get_lb_security_group(self, load_balancer_id): sec_grp_name = common_utils.get_vip_security_group_name( load_balancer_id) sec_grp = self.network_proxy.find_security_group(sec_grp_name) return sec_grp def _get_ethertype_for_ip(self, ip): address = ipaddress.ip_address(ip) return 'IPv6' if address.version == 6 else 'IPv4' def _get_ethertype_for_cidr(self, cidr): net = ipaddress.ip_network(cidr) return 'IPv6' if net.version == 6 else 'IPv4' def _update_security_group_rules(self, load_balancer, sec_grp_id): rules = tuple(self.network_proxy.security_group_rules( security_group_id=sec_grp_id)) updated_ports = [] listener_peer_ports = [] for listener in load_balancer.listeners: if (listener.provisioning_status in [constants.PENDING_DELETE, constants.DELETED]): continue protocol = constants.PROTOCOL_TCP.lower() if listener.protocol == constants.PROTOCOL_UDP: protocol = constants.PROTOCOL_UDP.lower() elif listener.protocol == lib_consts.PROTOCOL_SCTP: protocol = lib_consts.PROTOCOL_SCTP.lower() if listener.allowed_cidrs: for ac in listener.allowed_cidrs: port = (listener.protocol_port, protocol, ac.cidr) updated_ports.append(port) else: port = (listener.protocol_port, protocol, None) updated_ports.append(port) listener_peer_ports.append(listener.peer_port) # As the peer port will hold the tcp connection for keepalived and # haproxy session synchronization, so here the security group rule # should be just related with tcp protocol only. To avoid adding # duplicate rules, peer_port info should be added if updated_ports # does not have the peer_port entry with allowed_cidr tcp_lower = constants.PROTOCOL_TCP.lower() for peer_port in listener_peer_ports: if (peer_port, tcp_lower, "") not in updated_ports: updated_ports.append((peer_port, tcp_lower, None)) # Just going to use port_range_max for now because we can assume that # port_range_max and min will be the same since this driver is # responsible for creating these rules old_ports = [] for rule in rules: # Don't remove egress rules and don't confuse other protocols with # None ports with the egress rules. VRRP uses protocol 51 and 112 if (rule.get('direction') == 'egress' or rule.get('protocol').upper() not in [constants.PROTOCOL_TCP, constants.PROTOCOL_UDP, lib_consts.PROTOCOL_SCTP]): continue old_ports.append((rule.get('port_range_max'), rule.get('protocol').lower(), rule.get('remote_ip_prefix'))) add_ports = set(updated_ports) - set(old_ports) del_ports = set(old_ports) - set(updated_ports) for rule in rules: if (rule.get('protocol', '') and rule.get('protocol', '').upper() in [constants.PROTOCOL_TCP, constants.PROTOCOL_UDP, lib_consts.PROTOCOL_SCTP] and (rule.get('port_range_max'), rule.get('protocol'), rule.get('remote_ip_prefix')) in del_ports): rule_id = rule.get(constants.ID) try: self.network_proxy.delete_security_group_rule(rule_id) except os_exceptions.ResourceNotFound:"Security group rule %s not found, will assume " "it is already deleted.", rule_id) ethertypes = set() primary_ethertype = self._get_ethertype_for_ip( ethertypes.add(primary_ethertype) for add_vip in load_balancer.additional_vips: ethertypes.add(self._get_ethertype_for_ip(add_vip.ip_address)) for port_protocol in add_ports: for ethertype in ethertypes: cidr = port_protocol[2] if not cidr or self._get_ethertype_for_cidr(cidr) == ethertype: self._create_security_group_rule( sec_grp_id, port_protocol[1], port_min=port_protocol[0], port_max=port_protocol[0], ethertype=ethertype, cidr=cidr, ) # Currently we are using the VIP network for VRRP # so we need to open up the protocols for it if load_balancer.topology == constants.TOPOLOGY_ACTIVE_STANDBY: try: self._create_security_group_rule( sec_grp_id, constants.VRRP_PROTOCOL_NUM, direction='ingress', ethertype=primary_ethertype) except os_exceptions.ConflictException: # It's ok if this rule already exists pass except Exception as e: raise base.PlugVIPException(str(e)) try: self._create_security_group_rule( sec_grp_id, constants.AUTH_HEADER_PROTOCOL_NUMBER, direction='ingress', ethertype=primary_ethertype) except os_exceptions.ConflictException: # It's ok if this rule already exists pass except Exception as e: raise base.PlugVIPException(str(e)) def _add_vip_security_group_to_port(self, load_balancer_id, port_id, sec_grp_id=None): sec_grp_id = (sec_grp_id or self._get_lb_security_group(load_balancer_id).get( constants.ID)) try: self._add_security_group_to_port(sec_grp_id, port_id) except base.PortNotFound: raise except base.NetworkException as e: raise base.PlugVIPException(str(e)) def _delete_vip_security_group(self, sec_grp): """Deletes a security group in neutron. Retries upon an exception because removing a security group from a neutron port does not happen immediately. """ attempts = 0 while attempts <= CONF.networking.max_retries: try: self.network_proxy.delete_security_group(sec_grp)"Deleted security group %s", sec_grp) return except os_exceptions.ResourceNotFound:"Security group %s not found, will assume it is " "already deleted", sec_grp) return except Exception: LOG.warning("Attempt %(attempt)s to remove security group " "%(sg)s failed.", {'attempt': attempts + 1, 'sg': sec_grp}) attempts += 1 time.sleep(CONF.networking.retry_interval) message = _("All attempts to remove security group {0} have " "failed.").format(sec_grp) LOG.exception(message) raise base.DeallocateVIPException(message) def _delete_security_group(self, vip, port): if self.sec_grp_enabled: try: lb_id = except AttributeError: sec_grp = None else: sec_grp = self._get_lb_security_group(lb_id) if sec_grp: sec_grp_id = "Removing security group %(sg)s from port %(port)s", {'sg': sec_grp_id, constants.PORT: vip.port_id}) raw_port = None try: if port: raw_port = self.network_proxy.get_port( except Exception: LOG.warning('Unable to get port information for port ' '%s. Continuing to delete the security ' 'group.', if raw_port: sec_grps = raw_port.security_group_ids if sec_grps and sec_grp_id in sec_grps: sec_grps.remove(sec_grp_id) try: self.network_proxy.update_port(, security_group_ids=sec_grps) except os_exceptions.ResourceNotFound: LOG.warning('Unable to update port information ' 'for port %s. Continuing to delete ' 'the security group since port not ' 'found', try: self._delete_vip_security_group(sec_grp_id) except base.DeallocateVIPException: # Try to delete any leftover ports on this security group. # Because this security group is created and managed by us, # it *should* only return ports that we own / can delete. LOG.warning('Failed to delete security group on first ' 'pass: %s', sec_grp_id) extra_ports = self._get_ports_by_security_group(sec_grp_id) for extra_port in extra_ports: port_id = extra_port.get(constants.ID) try: LOG.warning('Deleting extra port %s on security ' 'group %s...', port_id, sec_grp_id) self.network_proxy.delete_port(port_id) except Exception: LOG.warning('Failed to delete extra port %s on ' 'security group %s.', port_id, sec_grp_id) # Now try it again self._delete_vip_security_group(sec_grp_id)
[docs] def deallocate_vip(self, vip): """Delete the vrrp_port (instance port) in case nova didn't This can happen if a failover has occurred. """ try: for amphora in vip.load_balancer.amphorae: if amphora.vrrp_port_id: try: self.network_proxy.delete_port(amphora.vrrp_port_id) except os_exceptions.ResourceNotFound: LOG.debug( 'VIP instance port %s already deleted. Skipping.', amphora.vrrp_port_id) except AttributeError as ex: LOG.warning(f"Cannot delete port from amphorae. Object does not " f"exist ({ex!r})") try: port = self.get_port(vip.port_id) except base.PortNotFound: LOG.warning("Can't deallocate VIP because the vip port %s " "cannot be found in neutron. " "Continuing cleanup.", vip.port_id) port = None self._delete_security_group(vip, port) if port and port.device_owner == constants.OCTAVIA_OWNER: try: self.network_proxy.delete_port(vip.port_id) except os_exceptions.ResourceNotFound: LOG.debug('VIP port %s already deleted. Skipping.', vip.port_id) except Exception as e: message = _('Error deleting VIP port_id {port_id} from ' 'neutron').format(port_id=vip.port_id) LOG.exception(message) raise base.DeallocateVIPException(message) from e elif port:"Port %s will not be deleted by Octavia as it was " "not created by Octavia.", vip.port_id)
[docs] def update_vip_sg(self, load_balancer, vip): if self.sec_grp_enabled: sec_grp = self._get_lb_security_group( if not sec_grp: sec_grp_name = common_utils.get_vip_security_group_name( sec_grp = self._create_security_group(sec_grp_name) self._update_security_group_rules(load_balancer, sec_grp.get(constants.ID)) self._add_vip_security_group_to_port(, vip.port_id, sec_grp.get(constants.ID)) return sec_grp.get(constants.ID) return None
[docs] def plug_aap_port(self, load_balancer, vip, amphora, subnet): interface = self._get_plugged_interface( amphora.compute_id, subnet.network_id, amphora.lb_network_ip) if not interface: interface = self._plug_amphora_vip(amphora, subnet) aap_address_list = [vip.ip_address] for add_vip in load_balancer.additional_vips: aap_address_list.append(add_vip.ip_address) self._add_vip_address_pairs(interface.port_id, aap_address_list) if self.sec_grp_enabled: self._add_vip_security_group_to_port(, interface.port_id) vrrp_ip = None for fixed_ip in interface.fixed_ips: is_correct_subnet = fixed_ip.subnet_id == is_management_ip = fixed_ip.ip_address == amphora.lb_network_ip if is_correct_subnet and not is_management_ip: vrrp_ip = fixed_ip.ip_address break return data_models.Amphora(, compute_id=amphora.compute_id, vrrp_ip=vrrp_ip, ha_ip=vip.ip_address, vrrp_port_id=interface.port_id, ha_port_id=vip.port_id)
def _validate_fixed_ip(self, fixed_ips, subnet_id, ip_address): """Validate an IP address exists in a fixed_ips dict :param fixed_ips: A port fixed_ups dict :param subnet_id: The subnet that should contain the IP :param ip_address: The IP address to validate :returns: True if the ip address is in the dict, False if not """ for fixed_ip in fixed_ips: normalized_fixed_ip = ipaddress.ip_address( fixed_ip.ip_address).compressed normalized_ip = ipaddress.ip_address(ip_address).compressed if (fixed_ip.subnet_id == subnet_id and normalized_fixed_ip == normalized_ip): return True return False @staticmethod def _fixed_ips_to_list_of_dicts(fixed_ips): list_of_dicts = [] for fixed_ip in fixed_ips: list_of_dicts.append(fixed_ip.to_dict()) return list_of_dicts
[docs] def allocate_vip(self, load_balancer): """Allocates a virtual ip. Reserves the IP for later use as the frontend connection of a load balancer. :param load_balancer: octavia.common.data_models.LoadBalancer instance :return: octavia.common.data_models.Vip, list(octavia.common.data_models.AdditionalVip) :raises AllocateVIPException: generic error allocating the VIP :raises PortNotFound: port was not found :raises SubnetNotFound: subnet was not found """ if try: port = self.get_port( fixed_ip_found = self._validate_fixed_ip( port.fixed_ips,, if (port.network_id == and fixed_ip_found):'Port %s already exists. Nothing to be done.', return self._port_to_vip(port, load_balancer) LOG.error('Neutron VIP mismatch. Expected ip %s on ' 'subnet %s in network %s. Neutron has fixed_ips %s ' 'in network %s. Deleting and recreating the VIP ' 'port.',,,, self._fixed_ips_to_list_of_dicts(port.fixed_ips), port.network_id) if self.delete_port( else: raise base.AllocateVIPException( 'VIP port {} is broken, but is owned by project {} ' 'so will not be recreated. Aborting VIP allocation.' .format(, port.project_id)) except base.AllocateVIPException as e: # Catch this explicitly because otherwise we blame Neutron LOG.error(getattr(e, constants.MESSAGE, None)) raise except base.PortNotFound: LOG.warning('VIP port %s is missing from neutron. Rebuilding.', except Exception as e: message = _('Neutron is failing to service requests due to: ' '{}. Aborting.').format(str(e)) LOG.error(message) raise base.AllocateVIPException( message, orig_msg=getattr(e, constants.MESSAGE, None), orig_code=getattr(e, constants.STATUS_CODE, None),) fixed_ip = {} if fixed_ip[constants.SUBNET_ID] = if fixed_ip[constants.IP_ADDRESS] = fixed_ips = [] if fixed_ip: fixed_ips.append(fixed_ip) for add_vip in load_balancer.additional_vips: add_ip = {} if add_vip.subnet_id: add_ip['subnet_id'] = add_vip.subnet_id if add_vip.ip_address: add_ip['ip_address'] = add_vip.ip_address if add_ip: fixed_ips.append(add_ip) else: LOG.warning('Additional VIP contains neither subnet_id nor ' 'ip_address, ignoring.') # Make sure we are backward compatible with older neutron if self._check_extension_enabled(PROJECT_ID_ALIAS): project_id_key = 'project_id' else: project_id_key = 'tenant_id' # It can be assumed that network_id exists port = { constants.NAME: 'octavia-lb-' +, constants.NETWORK_ID:, constants.ADMIN_STATE_UP: False, 'device_id': f'lb-{}', constants.DEVICE_OWNER: constants.OCTAVIA_OWNER, project_id_key: load_balancer.project_id} if fixed_ips: port[constants.FIXED_IPS] = fixed_ips try: new_port = self.network_proxy.create_port(**port) except Exception as e: message = _('Error creating neutron port on network ' '{network_id} due to {e}.').format(, e=repr(e)) LOG.exception(message) raise base.AllocateVIPException( message, orig_msg=getattr(e, constants.MESSAGE, None), orig_code=getattr(e, constants.STATUS_CODE, None), ) new_port = utils.convert_port_to_model(new_port) return self._port_to_vip(new_port, load_balancer, octavia_owned=True)
[docs] def unplug_aap_port(self, vip, amphora, subnet): interface = self._get_plugged_interface( amphora.compute_id, subnet.network_id, amphora.lb_network_ip) if not interface: # Thought about raising PluggedVIPNotFound exception but # then that wouldn't evaluate all amphorae, so just continue LOG.debug('Cannot get amphora %s interface, skipped', amphora.compute_id) return try: self.unplug_network(amphora.compute_id, subnet.network_id) except Exception: pass try: aap_update = { constants.ALLOWED_ADDRESS_PAIRS: [] } self.network_proxy.update_port(interface.port_id, **aap_update) except Exception as e: message = _('Error unplugging VIP. Could not clear ' 'allowed address pairs from port ' '{port_id}.').format(port_id=vip.port_id) LOG.exception(message) raise base.UnplugVIPException(message) from e # Delete the VRRP port if we created it try: port = self.get_port(amphora.vrrp_port_id) if'octavia-lb-vrrp-'): self.network_proxy.delete_port(amphora.vrrp_port_id) except base.PortNotFound: pass except Exception as e: LOG.error('Failed to delete port. Resources may still be in ' 'use for port: %(port)s due to error: %(except)s', {constants.PORT: amphora.vrrp_port_id, 'except': str(e)})
[docs] def unplug_vip(self, load_balancer, vip): try: subnet = self.get_subnet(vip.subnet_id) except base.SubnetNotFound as e: msg = ("Can't unplug vip because vip subnet {} was not " "found").format(vip.subnet_id) LOG.exception(msg) raise base.PluggedVIPNotFound(msg) from e for amphora in filter( lambda amp: amp.status == constants.AMPHORA_ALLOCATED, load_balancer.amphorae): self.unplug_aap_port(vip, amphora, subnet)
[docs] def plug_network(self, compute_id, network_id): try: interface = self.compute.attach_network_or_port( compute_id=compute_id, network_id=network_id) except exceptions.NotFound as e: if 'Instance' in str(e): raise base.AmphoraNotFound(str(e)) if 'Network' in str(e): raise base.NetworkNotFound(str(e)) raise base.PlugNetworkException(str(e)) except Exception as e: message = _('Error plugging amphora (compute_id: {compute_id}) ' 'into network {network_id}.').format( compute_id=compute_id, network_id=network_id) LOG.exception(message) raise base.PlugNetworkException(message) from e return self._nova_interface_to_octavia_interface(compute_id, interface)
[docs] def unplug_network(self, compute_id, network_id): interfaces = self.get_plugged_networks(compute_id) if not interfaces: msg = ('Amphora with compute id {compute_id} does not have any ' 'plugged networks').format(compute_id=compute_id) raise base.NetworkNotFound(msg) unpluggers = self._get_interfaces_to_unplug(interfaces, network_id) removed_port_ids = set() for index, unplugger in enumerate(unpluggers): self.compute.detach_port( compute_id=compute_id, port_id=unplugger.port_id) removed_port_ids.add(unplugger.port_id) port_detach_timeout = CONF.networking.port_detach_timeout start = time.time() while time.time() - start < port_detach_timeout: interfaces = self.get_plugged_networks(compute_id) plugged_port_ids = {i.port_id for i in interfaces} if not plugged_port_ids & removed_port_ids: break time.sleep(CONF.networking.retry_interval) else: LOG.warning("Ports (%s) still attached to compute %s after " "%s seconds.", ", ".join(removed_port_ids), compute_id, port_detach_timeout)
[docs] def update_vip(self, load_balancer, for_delete=False): sec_grp = self._get_lb_security_group( if sec_grp: self._update_security_group_rules(load_balancer, sec_grp.get(constants.ID)) elif not for_delete: raise exceptions.MissingVIPSecurityGroup( else: LOG.warning('VIP security group missing when updating the VIP for ' 'delete on load balancer: %s. Skipping update ' 'because this is for delete.',
[docs] def failover_preparation(self, amphora): if self.dns_integration_enabled: self._failover_preparation(amphora)
def _failover_preparation(self, amphora): interfaces = self.get_plugged_networks(compute_id=amphora.compute_id) ports = [] for interface_ in interfaces: port = self.get_port(port_id=interface_.port_id) ips = port.fixed_ips lb_network = False for ip in ips: if ip.ip_address == amphora.lb_network_ip: lb_network = True if not lb_network: ports.append(port) for port in ports: try: self.network_proxy.update_port(, dns_name='') except os_exceptions.ResourceNotFound as e: raise base.PortNotFound() from e
[docs] def plug_port(self, amphora, port): try: interface = self.compute.attach_network_or_port( compute_id=amphora.compute_id, network_id=None, ip_address=None, plugged_interface = self._nova_interface_to_octavia_interface( amphora.compute_id, interface) except exceptions.NotFound as e: if 'Instance' in str(e): raise base.AmphoraNotFound(str(e)) if 'Network' in str(e): raise base.NetworkNotFound(str(e)) raise base.PlugNetworkException(str(e)) except nova_client_exceptions.Conflict:'Port %(portid)s is already plugged, ' 'skipping', {'portid':}) plugged_interface = n_data_models.Interface( compute_id=amphora.compute_id, network_id=port.network_id,, fixed_ips=port.fixed_ips) except Exception as e: message = _('Error plugging amphora (compute_id: ' '{compute_id}) into port ' '{port_id}.').format( compute_id=amphora.compute_id, LOG.exception(message) raise base.PlugNetworkException(message) from e return plugged_interface
def _get_amp_net_configs(self, amp, amp_configs, vip_subnet, vip_port, additional_vips): if amp.status != constants.DELETED: LOG.debug("Retrieving network details for amphora %s", vrrp_port = self.get_port(amp.vrrp_port_id) vrrp_subnet = self.get_subnet( vrrp_port.get_subnet_id(amp.vrrp_ip)) = self.get_network(vrrp_port.network_id) ha_port = self.get_port(amp.ha_port_id) ha_subnet = self.get_subnet( ha_port.get_subnet_id(amp.ha_ip)) additional_vip_data = [] for add_vip in additional_vips: add_vip_subnet = self.get_subnet(add_vip.subnet_id) add_vip_data = n_data_models.AdditionalVipData( ip_address=add_vip.ip_address, subnet=add_vip_subnet ) additional_vip_data.append(add_vip_data) amp_configs[] = n_data_models.AmphoraNetworkConfig( amphora=amp, vip_subnet=vip_subnet, vip_port=vip_port, vrrp_subnet=vrrp_subnet, vrrp_port=vrrp_port, ha_subnet=ha_subnet, ha_port=ha_port, additional_vip_data=additional_vip_data )
[docs] def get_network_configs(self, loadbalancer, amphora=None): vip_subnet = self.get_subnet( vip_port = self.get_port( amp_configs = {} if amphora: self._get_amp_net_configs(amphora, amp_configs, vip_subnet, vip_port, loadbalancer.additional_vips) else: for amp in loadbalancer.amphorae: try: self._get_amp_net_configs(amp, amp_configs, vip_subnet, vip_port, loadbalancer.additional_vips) except Exception as e: LOG.warning('Getting network configurations for amphora ' '%(amp)s failed due to %(err)s.', {'amp':, 'err': str(e)}) return amp_configs
[docs] def delete_port(self, port_id): """delete a neutron port. :param port_id: The port ID to delete. :returns: None """ try: self.network_proxy.delete_port(port_id) except os_exceptions.ResourceNotFound: LOG.debug('VIP instance port %s already deleted. Skipping.', port_id) except Exception as e: raise exceptions.NetworkServiceError(net_error=str(e))
[docs] def set_port_admin_state_up(self, port_id, state): """Set the admin state of a port. True is up, False is down. :param port_id: The port ID to update. :param state: True for up, False for down. :returns: None """ try: self.network_proxy.update_port( port_id, admin_state_up=state) except os_exceptions.ResourceNotFound as e: raise base.PortNotFound(str(e)) except Exception as e: raise exceptions.NetworkServiceError(net_error=str(e))
[docs] def create_port(self, network_id, name=None, fixed_ips=(), secondary_ips=(), security_group_ids=(), admin_state_up=True, qos_policy_id=None, vnic_type=constants.VNIC_TYPE_NORMAL): """Creates a network port. fixed_ips = [{'subnet_id': <id>, ('ip_addrss': <IP>')},] ip_address is optional in the fixed_ips dictionary. :param network_id: The network the port should be created on. :param name: The name to apply to the port. :param fixed_ips: A list of fixed IP dicts. :param secondary_ips: A list of secondary IPs to add to the port. :param security_group_ids: A list of security group IDs for the port. :param qos_policy_id: The QoS policy ID to apply to the port. :param vnic_type: The vNIC type this port should attach to. :returns port: A port data model object. """ try: aap_list = [] for ip in secondary_ips: aap_list.append({constants.IP_ADDRESS: ip}) port = {constants.NETWORK_ID: network_id, constants.ADMIN_STATE_UP: admin_state_up, constants.DEVICE_OWNER: constants.OCTAVIA_OWNER, constants.BINDING_VNIC_TYPE: vnic_type} if aap_list: port[constants.ALLOWED_ADDRESS_PAIRS] = aap_list if fixed_ips: port[constants.FIXED_IPS] = fixed_ips if name: port[constants.NAME] = name if qos_policy_id: port[constants.QOS_POLICY_ID] = qos_policy_id if security_group_ids: port[constants.SECURITY_GROUPS] = security_group_ids new_port = self.network_proxy.create_port(**port) LOG.debug('Created port: %(port)s', {constants.PORT: new_port}) return utils.convert_port_to_model(new_port) except Exception as e: message = _('Error creating a port on network ' '{network_id} due to {error}.').format( network_id=network_id, error=str(e)) LOG.exception(message) raise base.CreatePortException(message)
[docs] def get_security_group(self, sg_name): """Retrieves the security group by it's name. :param sg_name: The security group name. :return:, None if not enabled :raises: NetworkException, SecurityGroupNotFound """ try: if self.sec_grp_enabled and sg_name: sec_grps = self.network_proxy.security_groups(name=sg_name) try: sg = next(sec_grps) return utils.convert_security_group_to_model(sg) except StopIteration: # pylint: disable=raise-missing-from message = _('Security group {name} not found.').format( name=sg_name) raise base.SecurityGroupNotFound(message) return None except base.SecurityGroupNotFound: raise except Exception as e: message = _('Error when getting security group {name} due to ' '{error}').format(name=sg_name, error=str(e)) LOG.exception(message) raise base.NetworkException(message)