Debugging Octavia code

This document describes how to setup and debug Octavia code using your favorite IDE (e.g. PyCharm, Visual Studio Code).


  • Octavia installed.

  • IDE installed and Octavia added as project.


Ensure your OpenStack and IDE environments have the PyDev or ptvsd library installed.

If you’re using PyCharm, you can find it in /path/to/pycharm/debug-eggs/pycharm-debug.egg (Python 2) and /path/to/pycharm/debug-eggs/pycharm-debug-py3k.egg (Python 3). Copy that file into your OpenStack host and install the library in your Python path:

$ sudo easy_install pycharm-debug.egg

If using Visual Studio Code, simply install ptvsd in both environments:

$ pip install ptvsd

Create a remote debugging configuration in your IDE. In PyCharm, go to Run -> Edit Configurations -> Python Remote Debug. The local host name refers to the local machine you’re running your IDE from and it must be one reachable by your OpenStack environment. The port can be any available port (e.g. 5678). If the code on the OpenStack and PyCharm hosts is on different paths (likely), define a path mapping in the remote debug configuration.

Invoke the debug configuration (Run -> Debug… -> (config name)). PyCharm will begin listening on the specified host and port.

Export DEBUGGER_TYPE, DEBUGGER_HOST and DEBUGGER_PORT (host and port of the system running the IDE, respectively), and start the Octavia service you want to debug. It is recommended to run only one uWSGI process/controller worker. For example, to debug the Octavia Worker service:

$ export DEBUGGER_TYPE=pydev
$ export DEBUGGER_PORT=5678
$ /usr/bin/octavia-worker --config-file /etc/octavia/octavia.conf

Another example is debugging the Octavia API service with the ptvsd debugger:

$ export DEBUGGER_TYPE=ptvsd
$ export DEBUGGER_PORT=5678
$ /usr/bin/uwsgi --ini /etc/octavia/octavia-uwsgi.ini -p 1

The service will connect to your IDE, at which point remote debugging is active. Resume the program on the debugger to continue with the initialization of the service. At this point, the service should be operational and you can start debugging.