Source code for octavia.api.v2.controllers.base

#    Copyright 2014 Rackspace
#    Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
#    not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
#    a copy of the License at
#         http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
#    Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
#    distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
#    WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
#    License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
#    under the License.

import logging

from oslo_config import cfg
from pecan import rest
from stevedore import driver as stevedore_driver

from octavia.common import constants
from octavia.common import data_models
from octavia.common import exceptions
from octavia.common import policy
from octavia.db import repositories

LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class BaseController(rest.RestController): RBAC_TYPE = None def __init__(self): super(BaseController, self).__init__() self.repositories = repositories.Repositories() self.handler = stevedore_driver.DriverManager( namespace='octavia.api.handlers', name=CONF.api_settings.api_handler, invoke_on_load=True ).driver @staticmethod def _convert_db_to_type(db_entity, to_type, children=False): """Converts a data model into an Octavia WSME type :param db_entity: data model to convert :param to_type: converts db_entity to this type """ if isinstance(to_type, list): to_type = to_type[0] def _convert(db_obj): return to_type.from_data_model(db_obj, children=children) if isinstance(db_entity, list): converted = [_convert(db_obj) for db_obj in db_entity] else: converted = _convert(db_entity) return converted @staticmethod def _get_db_obj(session, repo, data_model, id): """Gets an object from the database and returns it.""" db_obj = repo.get(session, id=id) if not db_obj: LOG.exception('%(name)s %(id)s not found', {'name': data_model._name(), 'id': id}) raise exceptions.NotFound( resource=data_model._name(), id=id) return db_obj def _get_db_lb(self, session, id): """Get a load balancer from the database.""" return self._get_db_obj(session, self.repositories.load_balancer, data_models.LoadBalancer, id) def _get_db_listener(self, session, id): """Get a listener from the database.""" return self._get_db_obj(session, self.repositories.listener, data_models.Listener, id) def _get_db_pool(self, session, id): """Get a pool from the database.""" return self._get_db_obj(session, self.repositories.pool, data_models.Pool, id) def _get_db_member(self, session, id): """Get a member from the database.""" return self._get_db_obj(session, self.repositories.member, data_models.Member, id) def _get_db_l7policy(self, session, id): """Get a L7 Policy from the database.""" return self._get_db_obj(session, self.repositories.l7policy, data_models.L7Policy, id) def _get_db_l7rule(self, session, id): """Get a L7 Rule from the database.""" return self._get_db_obj(session, self.repositories.l7rule, data_models.L7Rule, id) def _get_lb_project_id(self, session, id): """Get the project_id of the load balancer from the database.""" lb = self._get_db_obj(session, self.repositories.load_balancer, data_models.LoadBalancer, id) return lb.project_id def _get_l7policy_project_id(self, session, id): """Get the project_id of the load balancer from the database.""" l7policy = self._get_db_obj(session, self.repositories.l7policy, data_models.LoadBalancer, id) return l7policy.project_id def _get_default_quotas(self, project_id): """Gets the project's default quotas.""" quotas = data_models.Quotas( project_id=project_id, load_balancer=CONF.quotas.default_load_balancer_quota, listener=CONF.quotas.default_listener_quota, pool=CONF.quotas.default_pool_quota, health_monitor=CONF.quotas.default_health_monitor_quota, member=CONF.quotas.default_member_quota) return quotas def _get_db_quotas(self, session, project_id): """Gets the project's quotas from the database, or responds with the default quotas. """ # At this point project_id should not ever be None or Unset db_quotas = self.repositories.quotas.get( session, project_id=project_id) if not db_quotas: LOG.debug("No custom quotas for project %s. Returning " "defaults...", project_id) db_quotas = self._get_default_quotas(project_id=project_id) else: # Fill in any that are using the configured defaults if db_quotas.load_balancer is None: db_quotas.load_balancer = (CONF.quotas. default_load_balancer_quota) if db_quotas.listener is None: db_quotas.listener = CONF.quotas.default_listener_quota if db_quotas.pool is None: db_quotas.pool = CONF.quotas.default_pool_quota if db_quotas.health_monitor is None: db_quotas.health_monitor = (CONF.quotas. default_health_monitor_quota) if db_quotas.member is None: db_quotas.member = CONF.quotas.default_member_quota return db_quotas def _auth_get_all(self, context, project_id): # Check authorization to list objects under all projects action = '{rbac_obj}{action}'.format( rbac_obj=self.RBAC_TYPE, action=constants.RBAC_GET_ALL_GLOBAL) target = {'project_id': project_id} if not policy.get_enforcer().authorize(action, target, context, do_raise=False): # Not a global observer or admin if project_id is None: project_id = context.project_id # Check authorization to list objects under this project self._auth_validate_action(context, project_id, constants.RBAC_GET_ALL) if project_id is None: query_filter = {} else: query_filter = {'project_id': project_id} return query_filter def _auth_validate_action(self, context, project_id, action): # Check that the user is authorized to do an action in this object action = '{rbac_obj}{action}'.format( rbac_obj=self.RBAC_TYPE, action=action) target = {'project_id': project_id} policy.get_enforcer().authorize(action, target, context) def _filter_fields(self, object_list, fields): if CONF.api_settings.allow_field_selection: for index, obj in enumerate(object_list): members = self._get_attrs(obj) for member in members: if member not in fields: delattr(object_list[index], member) return object_list @staticmethod def _get_attrs(obj): attrs = [attr for attr in dir(obj) if not callable( getattr(obj, attr)) and not attr.startswith("_")] return attrs
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