Source code for octavia.compute.drivers.nova_driver

# Copyright 2014 Rackspace
#    Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
#    not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
#    a copy of the License at
#         http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
#    Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
#    distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
#    WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
#    License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
#    under the License.

import random
import string

from novaclient import exceptions as nova_exceptions
from oslo_config import cfg
from oslo_log import log as logging

from octavia.common import clients
from octavia.common import constants
from octavia.common import data_models as models
from octavia.common import exceptions
from octavia.compute import compute_base

LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)


def _extract_amp_image_id_by_tag(client, image_tag, image_owner):
    if image_owner:
        images = list(client.images.list(
            filters={'tag': [image_tag],
                     'owner': image_owner,
                     'status': constants.GLANCE_IMAGE_ACTIVE},
        images = list(client.images.list(
            filters={'tag': [image_tag],
                     'status': constants.GLANCE_IMAGE_ACTIVE},

    if not images:
        raise exceptions.GlanceNoTaggedImages(tag=image_tag)
    image_id = images[0]['id']
    num_images = len(images)
    if num_images > 1:
        LOG.warning("A single Glance image should be tagged with %(tag)s tag, "
                    "but at least two were found. Using %(image_id)s.",
                    {'tag': image_tag, 'image_id': image_id})
    return image_id

def _get_image_uuid(client, image_id, image_tag, image_owner):
    if image_id:
        if image_tag:
            LOG.warning("Both amp_image_id and amp_image_tag options defined. "
                        "Using the amp_image_id.")
        return image_id

    return _extract_amp_image_id_by_tag(client, image_tag, image_owner)

[docs]class VirtualMachineManager(compute_base.ComputeBase): '''Compute implementation of virtual machines via nova.''' def __init__(self): super(VirtualMachineManager, self).__init__() # Must initialize nova api self._nova_client = clients.NovaAuth.get_nova_client( endpoint=CONF.nova.endpoint, region=CONF.nova.region_name, endpoint_type=CONF.nova.endpoint_type, insecure=CONF.nova.insecure, cacert=CONF.nova.ca_certificates_file) self._glance_client = clients.GlanceAuth.get_glance_client( service_name=CONF.glance.service_name, endpoint=CONF.glance.endpoint, region=CONF.glance.region_name, endpoint_type=CONF.glance.endpoint_type, insecure=CONF.glance.insecure, cacert=CONF.glance.ca_certificates_file) self.manager = self._nova_client.servers self.server_groups = self._nova_client.server_groups
[docs] def build(self, name="amphora_name", amphora_flavor=None, image_id=None, image_tag=None, image_owner=None, key_name=None, sec_groups=None, network_ids=None, port_ids=None, config_drive_files=None, user_data=None, server_group_id=None): '''Create a new virtual machine. :param name: optional name for amphora :param amphora_flavor: image flavor for virtual machine :param image_id: image ID for virtual machine :param image_tag: image tag for virtual machine :param key_name: keypair to add to the virtual machine :param sec_groups: Security group IDs for virtual machine :param network_ids: Network IDs to include on virtual machine :param port_ids: Port IDs to include on virtual machine :param config_drive_files: An optional dict of files to overwrite on the server upon boot. Keys are file names (i.e. /etc/passwd) and values are the file contents (either as a string or as a file-like object). A maximum of five entries is allowed, and each file must be 10k or less. :param user_data: Optional user data to pass to be exposed by the metadata server this can be a file type object as well or a string :param server_group_id: Optional server group id(uuid) which is used for anti_affinity feature :raises ComputeBuildException: if nova failed to build virtual machine :returns: UUID of amphora ''' try: network_ids = network_ids or [] port_ids = port_ids or [] nics = [] if network_ids: nics.extend([{"net-id": net_id} for net_id in network_ids]) if port_ids: nics.extend([{"port-id": port_id} for port_id in port_ids]) server_group = None if server_group_id is None else { "group": server_group_id} image_id = _get_image_uuid( self._glance_client, image_id, image_tag, image_owner) if CONF.nova.random_amphora_name_length: r = random.SystemRandom() name = "a{}".format("".join( [r.choice(string.ascii_uppercase + string.digits) for i in range(CONF.nova.random_amphora_name_length - 1)] )) amphora = self.manager.create( name=name, image=image_id, flavor=amphora_flavor, key_name=key_name, security_groups=sec_groups, nics=nics, files=config_drive_files, userdata=user_data, config_drive=True, scheduler_hints=server_group, availability_zone=CONF.nova.availability_zone ) return amphora.id except Exception as e: LOG.exception("Nova failed to build the instance due to: %s", e) raise exceptions.ComputeBuildException(fault=e)
[docs] def delete(self, compute_id): '''Delete a virtual machine. :param compute_id: virtual machine UUID ''' try: self.manager.delete(server=compute_id) except nova_exceptions.NotFound: LOG.warning("Nova instance with id: %s not found. " "Assuming already deleted.", compute_id) except Exception: LOG.exception("Error deleting nova virtual machine.") raise exceptions.ComputeDeleteException()
[docs] def status(self, compute_id): '''Retrieve the status of a virtual machine. :param compute_id: virtual machine UUID :returns: constant of amphora status ''' try: amphora, fault = self.get_amphora(compute_id) if amphora and amphora.status == 'ACTIVE': return constants.UP except Exception: LOG.exception("Error retrieving nova virtual machine status.") raise exceptions.ComputeStatusException() return constants.DOWN
[docs] def get_amphora(self, compute_id): '''Retrieve the information in nova of a virtual machine. :param amphora_id: virtual machine UUID :returns: an amphora object :returns: fault message or None ''' # utilize nova client ServerManager 'get' method to retrieve info try: amphora = self.manager.get(compute_id) except Exception: LOG.exception("Error retrieving nova virtual machine.") raise exceptions.ComputeGetException() return self._translate_amphora(amphora)
def _translate_amphora(self, nova_response): '''Convert a nova virtual machine into an amphora object. :param nova_response: JSON response from nova :returns: an amphora object :returns: fault message or None ''' # Extract interfaces of virtual machine to populate desired amphora # fields lb_network_ip = None fault = None try: inf_list = nova_response.interface_list() no_boot_networks = ( not CONF.controller_worker.amp_boot_network_list) for interface in inf_list: net_id = interface.net_id is_boot_network = ( net_id in CONF.controller_worker.amp_boot_network_list) # Pick the first fixed_ip if this is a boot network or if # there are no boot networks configured (use default network) if is_boot_network or no_boot_networks: lb_network_ip = interface.fixed_ips[0]['ip_address'] break fault = getattr(nova_response, 'fault', None) except Exception: LOG.debug('Extracting virtual interfaces through nova ' 'os-interfaces extension failed.') response = models.Amphora( compute_id=nova_response.id, status=nova_response.status, lb_network_ip=lb_network_ip ) return response, fault
[docs] def create_server_group(self, name, policy): """Create a server group object :param name: the name of the server group :param policy: the policy of the server group :raises: Generic exception if the server group is not created :returns: the server group object """ kwargs = {'name': name, 'policies': [policy]} try: server_group_obj = self.server_groups.create(**kwargs) return server_group_obj except Exception: LOG.exception("Error create server group instance.") raise exceptions.ServerGroupObjectCreateException()
[docs] def delete_server_group(self, server_group_id): """Delete a server group object :raises: Generic exception if the server group is not deleted :param server_group_id: the uuid of a server group """ try: self.server_groups.delete(server_group_id) except nova_exceptions.NotFound: LOG.warning("Server group instance with id: %s not found. " "Assuming already deleted.", server_group_id) except Exception: LOG.exception("Error delete server group instance.") raise exceptions.ServerGroupObjectDeleteException()
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