octavia.amphorae.backends.utils package

octavia.amphorae.backends.utils package


octavia.amphorae.backends.utils.haproxy_query module

class HAProxyQuery(stats_socket)[source]

Bases: object

Class used for querying the HAProxy statistics socket.

The CSV output is defined in the HAProxy documentation:



Get status for each server and the pool as a whole.

Returns:pool data structure {<pool-name>: { ‘uuid’: <uuid>, ‘status’: ‘UP’|’DOWN’, ‘members’: [<name>: ‘UP’|’DOWN’|’DRAIN’|’no check’] }}

Get and parse output from ‘show info’ command.

show_stat(proxy_iid=-1, object_type=-1, server_id=-1)[source]

Get and parse output from ‘show status’ command.

  • proxy_iid – Proxy ID (column 27 in CSV output). -1 for all.
  • object_type – Select the type of dumpable object. Values can be ORed. -1 - everything 1 - frontends 2 - backends 4 - servers
  • server_id – Server ID (column 28 in CSV output?), or -1 for everything.

stats (split into an array by newline)

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