OpenStack-Ansible Galera client

This Ansible role installs packages used to interact with and manage a Galera cluster.

To clone or view the source code for this repository, visit the role repository for galera_client.

Default variables

galera_cluster_members: "{{ groups['galera_all'] }}"

# Default galera connection address
galera_root_user: root

# Set the URL for the MariaDB repository
galera_client_repo_url: "{{ galera_repo_url | default(_galera_client_repo_url) }}"

# Set the major version to use for the galera repo
galera_client_major_version: 10.3
galera_client_minor_version: 25

# Set the repo information for the MariaDB repository
galera_client_repo: "{{ _galera_client_repo }}"

# Set the gpg keys needed to be imported
# This should be a list of dicts, with each dict
# giving a set of arguments to the applicable
# package module. The following is an example for
# systems using the apt package manager.
# galera_client_gpg_keys:
#   - id: '0xF1656F24C74CD1D8'
#     keyserver: 'hkp://'
#     validate_certs: no
galera_client_gpg_keys: "{{ _galera_client_gpg_keys | default([]) }}"

# This is only applied if the ansible_pkg_mgr is 'apt'
galera_client_distro_package_pins: [{ package: "*", release: MariaDB, priority: "1001" }]

## APT Cache Options
cache_timeout: 600

# Set the package install state for distribution packages
# Options are 'present' and 'latest'
galera_client_package_state: "latest"

galera_client_drop_config_file: false
galera_client_package_install: true

galera_client_fatal_deprecations: false

## Tunable overrides
galera_client_my_cnf_overrides: {}

mariadb_repo_filename: "MariaDB"

# SSL support
galera_use_ssl: false
# This server is used when pulling an ssl cert onto a given host when a user
# defined key is not present. By default this will try and pull from the
# "galera_server" group and fall back to localhost.
galera_ssl_server: "{{ (galera_cluster_members | default(['localhost']))[0] }}"
# The path where to store the database server CA certificate
galera_ssl_ca_cert: /etc/ssl/certs/galera-ca.pem
# The path to Galera CA certificate file on the deployment host
# galera_user_ssl_ca_cert: /etc/openstack_deploy/self_signed_certs/galera-ca.pem

Required variables

To use this role, define the following variables:

galera_root_password: secrete


This role needs pip >= 7.1 installed on the target host.

This role depends on the config_template Ansible module provided by OpenStack-Ansible Plugins.

Example playbook

- name: Install Galera client
  hosts: all
  user: root
    - role: "openstack-ansible-galera_client"
  galera_address: ""
  galera_root_password: secrete
  galera_root_user: root
  galera_client_drop_config_file: true