Gnocchi role for OpenStack-Ansible

This Ansible role installs and configures OpenStack gnocchi.

The gnocchi API is served using Apache mod_wsgi by default.

This role supports configuration of file, swift and ceph storage backends. By default, the file backend is used.

This role also ships with an Ansible library, gnocchi that the role uses to manage archive policies and archive policy rules. By default, three policies are configured: low, medium, and high. A single archive policy rule is configured setting the low policy as the default for all metrics.

To clone or view the source code for this repository, visit the role repository for os_gnocchi.

Default variables

#: Special role execution lifecycles
# Only create Gnocchi's identity entities in Keystone
gnocchi_identity_only: False

# Set the host which will execute the shade modules
# for the service setup. The host must already have
# clouds.yaml properly configured.
gnocchi_service_setup_host: "{{ openstack_service_setup_host | default('localhost') }}"
gnocchi_service_setup_host_python_interpreter: "{{ openstack_service_setup_host_python_interpreter | default((gnocchi_service_setup_host == 'localhost') | ternary(ansible_playbook_python, ansible_python['executable'])) }}"

#: Enable for debug logging level
debug: false

# Set the package install state for distribution and pip packages
# Options are 'present' and 'latest'
gnocchi_package_state: "latest"
gnocchi_pip_package_state: "latest"

# Toggle keystone authentication for gnocchi
# TODO: (andymccr) Remove the gnocchi_keystone_auth var in Queen cycle.
gnocchi_keystone_auth: no
gnocchi_auth_mode: "{{ (gnocchi_keystone_auth | bool) | ternary('keystone', 'basic') }}"

# These variables are used in 'developer mode' in order to allow the role
# to build an environment directly from a git source without the presence
# of an OpenStack-Ansible repo_server.
gnocchi_git_install_branch: master
gnocchi_upper_constraints_url: "{{ requirements_git_url | default('' ~ requirements_git_install_branch | default('master')) }}"
  - "git+{{ gnocchi_git_repo }}@{{ gnocchi_git_install_branch }}#egg=gnocchi"
  - "--constraint {{ gnocchi_upper_constraints_url }}"

gnocchi_pip_install_args: "{{ pip_install_options | default('') }}"

#: Use of deprecated config options will cause a fatal application error
gnocchi_fatal_deprecations: false

#: External SSL forwarding proto, assumes TLS termination at load balancer
gnocchi_ssl_external: true
gnocchi_secure_proxy_ssl_header: HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO

#: Name of the virtual env to deploy into
gnocchi_venv_tag: "{{ venv_tag | default('untagged') }}"
gnocchi_bin: "/openstack/venvs/gnocchi-{{ gnocchi_venv_tag }}/bin"
gnocchi_venv_pkgs: "/openstack/venvs/gnocchi-{{ gnocchi_venv_tag }}/lib/python2.7/site-packages"

#: Set the etc dir path where gnocchi is installed.
#  This is used for role access to the db migrations.
#  Example:
#  gnocchi_etc_dir: "/usr/local/etc/gnocchi"
gnocchi_etc_dir: "{{ gnocchi_bin | dirname }}/etc/gnocchi"

#: Index Database info
gnocchi_db_setup_host: "{{ ('galera_all' in groups) | ternary(groups['galera_all'][0], 'localhost') }}"
gnocchi_galera_address: "{{ galera_address | default('') }}"
gnocchi_galera_database: gnocchi
gnocchi_galera_user: gnocchi
gnocchi_db_sync_options: ""
gnocchi_galera_use_ssl: "{{ galera_use_ssl | default(False) }}"
gnocchi_galera_ssl_ca_cert: "{{ galera_ssl_ca_cert | default('/etc/ssl/certs/galera-ca.pem') }}"

#: Storage info
gnocchi_storage_driver: file
gnocchi_coordination_url: "mysql://{{ gnocchi_galera_user }}:{{ gnocchi_container_mysql_password }}@{{ gnocchi_galera_address }}/{{ gnocchi_galera_database }}?charset=utf8&timeout=5{% if gnocchi_galera_use_ssl | bool %}&ssl_ca={{ gnocchi_galera_ssl_ca_cert }}{% endif %}"

#: Default Ceph parameters
gnocchi_ceph_pool: "metrics"
gnocchi_ceph_username: "gnocchi"

#: System info
gnocchi_system_user_name: gnocchi
gnocchi_system_group_name: gnocchi
gnocchi_system_shell: /bin/false
gnocchi_system_comment: gnocchi system user
gnocchi_system_user_home: "/var/lib/{{ gnocchi_system_user_name }}"

#: Service Type and Data
gnocchi_service_name: gnocchi
gnocchi_service_type: metric
gnocchi_service_description: "OpenStack Metric Service"
gnocchi_service_project_description: "OpenStack Services"
gnocchi_keystone_auth_plugin: "{{ gnocchi_keystone_auth_type }}"
gnocchi_keystone_auth_type: password
gnocchi_service_region: RegionOne
gnocchi_service_user_name: gnocchi
gnocchi_role_name: admin
gnocchi_service_project_name: "{{ (gnocchi_storage_driver == 'swift') | ternary('gnocchi_swift', 'service') }}"
gnocchi_service_project_domain_id: default
gnocchi_service_user_domain_id: default
gnocchi_service_port: 8041
gnocchi_service_proto: http
gnocchi_service_registry_proto: "{{ gnocchi_service_proto }}"
gnocchi_service_publicuri_proto: "{{ openstack_service_publicuri_proto | default(gnocchi_service_proto) }}"
gnocchi_service_adminuri_proto: "{{ openstack_service_adminuri_proto | default(gnocchi_service_proto) }}"
gnocchi_service_internaluri_proto: "{{ openstack_service_internaluri_proto | default(gnocchi_service_proto) }}"
gnocchi_service_publicuri: "{{ gnocchi_service_publicuri_proto }}://{{ external_lb_vip_address }}:{{ gnocchi_service_port }}"
gnocchi_service_publicurl: "{{ gnocchi_service_publicuri }}"
gnocchi_service_internaluri: "{{ gnocchi_service_internaluri_proto }}://{{ internal_lb_vip_address }}:{{ gnocchi_service_port }}"
gnocchi_service_internalurl: "{{ gnocchi_service_internaluri }}"
gnocchi_service_adminuri: "{{ gnocchi_service_adminuri_proto }}://{{ internal_lb_vip_address }}:{{ gnocchi_service_port }}"
gnocchi_service_adminurl: "{{ gnocchi_service_adminuri }}"

## uWSGI setup
gnocchi_wsgi_threads: 1
gnocchi_wsgi_processes_max: 16
gnocchi_wsgi_processes: "{{ [[ansible_processor_vcpus|default(1), 1] | max * 2, gnocchi_wsgi_processes_max] | min }}"

gnocchi_uwsgi_conf_overrides: {}
gnocchi_api_init_overrides: {}
gnocchi_metricd_init_overrides: {}

## Service Names
    group: "gnocchi_api"
    service_name: "gnocchi-api"
    service_enabled: true
    init_config_overrides: "{{ gnocchi_api_init_overrides }}"
    wsgi_app: True
    wsgi_path: "{{ gnocchi_bin }}/gnocchi-api"
    uwsgi_bind_address: "{{ gnocchi_service_address }}"
    uwsgi_port: "{{ gnocchi_service_port }}"
    uwsgi_overrides: "{{ gnocchi_uwsgi_conf_overrides }}"
    group: "gnocchi_metricd"
    service_name: "gnocchi-metricd"
    service_enabled: true
    init_config_overrides: "{{ gnocchi_metricd_init_overrides }}"
    execstarts: "{{ gnocchi_bin }}/gnocchi-metricd"

#: Common pip packages
  - cryptography
  - gnocchiclient
  - "gnocchi[keystone,mysql,{{ gnocchi_storage_driver == 'ceph' | ternary('ceph_alternative', gnocchi_storage_driver) }}]"
  - osprofiler
  - python-memcached
  - kazoo
  - redis
  - systemd-python

# This variable is used by the repo_build process to determine
# which host group to check for members of before building the
# pip packages required by this role. The value is picked up
# by the py_pkgs lookup.
gnocchi_role_project_group: gnocchi_all

#: Tunable file-based overrides
# The contents of these files, if they exist, are read from the
# specified path on the deployment host, interpreted by the
# template engine and copied to the target host. If they do
# not exist then the default files will be sourced from the
# service git repository.
gnocchi_api_paste_default_file_path: "/etc/openstack_deploy/gnocchi/api-paste.ini"
gnocchi_policy_default_file_path: "/etc/openstack_deploy/gnocchi/policy.json"

# If the above-mentioned files do not exist, then these
# paths will be used to find the files from the git config
# lookup location.
gnocchi_git_config_lookup_location:{{ gnocchi_git_install_branch }}/
gnocchi_api_paste_git_file_path: "gnocchi/rest/api-paste.ini"
gnocchi_policy_git_file_path: "gnocchi/rest/policy.json"

#: Tunable var-based overrides
# The contents of these are templated over the default files.
gnocchi_api_paste_ini_overrides: {}
gnocchi_conf_overrides: {}
gnocchi_policy_overrides: {}

Example playbook

- name: Installation and setup of Gnocchi
  hosts: gnocchi_all
  user: root
    - { role: "os_gnocchi", tags: [ "os-gnocchi" ] }
    galera_root_user: root
    - name: "galera_root_password"
      prompt: "What is galera_root_password?"


This role needs pip >= 7.1 installed on the target host.


This role supports two tags: gnocchi-install and gnocchi-config. The gnocchi-install tag can be used to install and upgrade. The gnocchi-config tag can be used to maintain the configuration of the service.