Configuring the Bare Metal (ironic) inspector service (optional)


This feature is experimental at this time and it has not been fully production tested yet.

Ironic Inspector is an Ironic service that deploys a tiny image called ironic-python-agent that gathers information about a Bare Metal node. The data is then stored in the database for further use later. The node is then updated with properties based in the introspection data.

The inspector configuration requires some pre-deployment steps to allow the Ironic playbook to make the inspector functioning.


Ironic networking must be configured as normally done. The inspector and Ironic will both share the TFTP server.

Networking will depend heavily on your environment. For example, the DHCP for both Ironic and inspector will come from the same subnet and will be a subset of the typical ironic allocated range.

Required Overrides

# names of your ironic-python-agent initrd/kernel images
ironic_inspector_ipa_initrd_name: ironic-deploy.initramfs
ironic_inspector_ipa_kernel_name: ironic-deploy.vmlinuz

# dnsmasq/dhcp information for inspector
ironic_inspector_dhcp_pool_range: <START> <END> (subset of ironic IPs)
ironic_inspector_dhcp_subnet: <IRONIC SUBNET CIDR>
ironic_inspector_dhcp_gateway: <IRONIC GATEWAY>